Awesome EP just released by our dude Okulus full of Transnational Bass brilliance that you really need to check out.

Go and buy the EP at all the usual digital stores now!!!

“Full Melt Recordings is extremely proud to announce our newest release – Okulus Anomali “Life Is Brutiful”

Combining an epic sense of melody with poly-rythmic drum programming, Okulus’s tracks are deeply moving as well as being prime time dance floor tools.

“Camel Spider” starts off with a heavy dose of ethnic percussion and string instruments, then quickly adds layers and layers of rich melodies that float in and out of the heavy mix.

“Irritable Vowel Syndrome” leads the listener head first into a swirl of hyper percussive beats that quickly get underpinned with some serious bass weight. An epic female vocal joins the fray, and takes the audience even deeper. Glitched, flipped and over-all seriously tweaked and undeniably catchy programming is the icing on the cake on an this incredible journey into trans-global underground dance music.

As a veteran producer of some of the deepest, most tribal, and psychedelic arrangements we’ve ever heard, we are very exited to bring his newest project to the masses.”

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