One of the earliest Moombahton ^ logo’s I remember and if my memory serves me right, here’s a list of 10 of the tracks that have probably had the most “IMPACT” in Moombahton since it burst onto the scene following that skipping party that Dave Nada was djaying at on November 13th 2009.

This is not a list of my favourite tracks or the 10 best Moombahton tracks either, it’s those that I believe had the most impact on the scene as it started to develop, in one way or another. In the end I had to think about not just measuring the tracks in terms of their success but in terms of influence, being the most sought after during a particular time, sending people nutz and tracks that broke the doors open in some way and this is what I came up with.

Of course it’s subjective to a degree as it’s wholly based on my memory of the scene but I’ve tried to stay objective too as otherwise the whole top 10 could easily have comprised of H&M tracks.

Lots of names hovered just outside the 10, great contributors like Jon Kwest, DJ Melo, Sabo, Sazon Booya, Pickster One, ETC! ETC! and many others.

Of course, there’ll be arguments over inclusions and omissions, call me a douche for missing stuff out or for mentioning some names more than once ahahahahh 😉  Maybe no-one will give a damn but I felt like doing this.

So here it is:

No. 10 Heartbreak & Munchi – Aponte o Não

Simply because this opened up the door-way to Moombahsoul.  It was the first one and usually Heartbreak is always credited as the Moombahsoul King but it was in fact both of them, H&M.

Yes, Heartbreak excelled in it after this and became the leader of Moombahsoul for a time but it took 2 of them to create the vibe!

Here’s what Munchi said about it at the time:

If you know your Portuguese you already guessed it. Heartbreak sended me this crazy Moombahton concept with the Fugees ‘Ready or Not’ joint. When i heared it I was so inspired. It led me to hear that great remix of The Course again. I totally forgot about that track. So i added me in it and the subtile synths of The Course’s rmx and it seemed ment to be like this. It’s a smooth party track, something you can vibe to in the club while sippin on something. I see this as a example of a good Heartbreak & Munchi collabo. This time in a other type of vibe, which we love making aswell. A more subtile approach.

No. 9 Alvin Risk & Tittsworth – Pendejas

This was one of those first BIG ROOM Moombahton tracks that had everything, groove, slick production and major cross-over appeal and everybody wanted to play it.

Moombahton was cursed with poor amateur sounding tracks at the time and this helped to change things a little by show-casing what was possible and how great Moombahton could sound.  It totally slayed the dancefloors too.

No. 8 Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Heads Will Roll (A-Mac Moombahton Edit)

One of the first slew of tracks after Nada had unveiled Moombahton to the world.  Also one of the first tracks to take on Indie/Pop music as an edit and create something totally magical from it that you could play in your sets in an attempt to convince people that Moombahton was a sound of the future.

No. 7 Long Jawns x Billy The Gent – Vibrate

This track very successfully helped to try to bridge the gap between Hip Hop and Moombahton and people raved about it for an age after it came out.

A lot of people are gonna be pretty pissed that it comes so low in the list because after Munchi’s tracks and JWLS’ “Bashin”, it was “the track ” that everybody talked about most of the time.  As the list goes on, hopefully you’ll appreciate why some others had to come ahead of it in the list.

No. 6 JWLS – Bashin’

JWLS previewed the track with that Joe Arroyo sample and man it drove everybody nutz for at least 1 year before it eventually came out.

Here’s the original preview:

Eventually, after a long wait the track was released, belatedly imho as the Moombahton hype was starting to fade as Trap came to take-over. If it had been released at the right time, it would have wreaked total mayhem!

No. 5 Heartbreak – King Kong

Munchi nailed & created “Moombahcore” first with “Firepower” but Heartbreak was not far behind with this monster. Alongside “Firepower” this track helped to bring Moombahton nearer to the mainstream as the Dubstep, Drumstep and DnB kids realized there was a new future sound taking pace.

King Kong is actually far more dance friendly than Firepower as it has a lot of funk in it that you didn’t really notice until after you had played it out and seen the girls grooving to it.

No. 4 Dave Nada – Moombahton

Not the best Nada track but we had to have this one in the list because this is how it all started.

As he told The Fader:

I probably shouldn’t tell this story, but here goes. Lo ciento Tia Sona! My little cousin Jean-Pierre is a huge Nadastrom fan and he’s about to graduate from high school. Him and his boy Mike are notorious for throwing these wild skipping parties. For those that don’t know, “skipping parties” are when you throw a house party mid school day and you tell all your friends that morning, and everyone who knows about the party skips school to go wild out. Word of mouth only too, no internet/paper trail. Anyhow, around their homecoming last fall they asked if I could DJ one of their skipping parties, and I, being the supportive/bad seed cousin that I am, agreed. They had a beat up system, but like 329439 speakers all over Mike’s basement so it sounded huge. They told me it would last about an hour because cops usually bust it up. The house/neighborhood was right by the woods so it was convenient to bounce and hide if need be. Anyhow, so here we are at Mike’s empty house around 11:30AM and everything is set up. Kids start pouring in around noon and the music starts. Mike and JP are dropping bachata and moving into reggaeton. This shit was getting crazy. Twenty minutes in and the place is PACKED, all Latin kids and everyone is fuuuucked up. Haha! I was gettin mad nervous (oldest dude there) and JP was like, “Yo you gotta go on soon primo!” and I’m thinking, fuck I cant play house/techno shit, I’ll get jumped. So I had the idea of slowing down some of the tropical/Dutch house stuff I had on CDs. Afrojack’s “Moombah Remix” being the biggest tune, I said fuck it and turned that shit down to 108 bpm. JP told all his people about me so bamas started cheering when I went on. And that’s when shit popped the fuck off. The minute that T-t-t-t-turn up the bass! part came in and dropped the place went insane! I played it all the way til the end and then did the same to Sidney Samson’s “Riverside” and EVERYONE is yelling the “Riverside motherfucker!” part and shit was just too much. I was losin’ it and told myself, I need to make some edits of this shit! And thus, Moombahton was born. Long story short, neighbors complained a good 15 minutes into my set and threatened to call the cops. Half the party started to bounce and then a few minutes later Mike yells, “Cops on the way!” and like clockwork this party was done. All in about an hour. I parked down the street and drove both my cousin JP and Mike back to school so they could catch the end of their classes as if nothing ever happened.

No. 3 Munchi – Firepower

I declared Munchi a “Genius” after hearing this track.

Nobody had made a track like this before, it was the first of its kind.  It is probably the most influential track in the whole history of Moombahton in terms of the numbers of people who got turned onto Moombahton because of it.

Here’s what I said about it back in 2011, which I repeated in 2012 in a piece about Munchi:

“Firepower” had acted as a major catalyst for the movement. When I heard the track I could see back then the vision Munchi had created for the future of this Moombahton movement. He had given it mouth 2 mouth resuscitation and had breathed new life into it.

All the Dubstep & Drumstep heads who were visiting our blog started to get into it and we started seeing a flow of Moombahcore edits. Without “Firepower”, I doubt we’d be as far advanced as we are with the movement today. It opened up the doors to a whole new world for a broad range of people.

I’ve said many times that Moombahcore and NOT Moombahton, has almost single-handedly helped to push this movement forward. It is still flava of the month and has a much wider audience and appeal, than Moombahton, at the present time.

However, saying that, I think the excitement for Moombahcore will start to fade thereby allowing Moombahton to grow from strength to strength as it is much more diverse. It has an ability to mutate to incorporate all sorts of things, which will allow it the longevity, which I’m not sure Moombahcore has.  We’ve already seen this with Dubstep, with a huge swathe of opinion now moving away from Brostep, because of Brostep overkill.

No. 2 Dillon Francis – Masta Blasta

Ahead of “Firepower” because this is the track that helped to take Moombahton as close to the mainstream as it has ever got.

Maybe the most definitive “cross-over” Moombahton track ever! And it is a GREAT track!

It turned all the Electro-House and House kids onto Moombahton and got played on the radio all over the world and so in essence it became the face of Moombahton and turned Dillon Francis into a worldwide Superstar DJ.

No. 1 Munchi – Sandungueo

What can you say about this track!

One of the first “original” Moombahton tracks that was born amongst the shed loads of edits and remixes, it is THE track that created a future for Moombahton.

Nada may have birthed Moombahton but Munchi raised it, like it was his own kid!

Cited by many as the DEFINITIVE Moombahton track!

Here’s what the Big haired one said about it over 4 years ago:

Damn.. Today I heared of this new thing MOOMBAHTON and i straight up made this track on the spot. I was so stoked hearing about this, because this could be Reggeton’s chance to revive. I have been sleepin’ on Reggeton because all of this Regge-Pop shit they making now, even tho i’m still bumpin the old Reggeton tracks daily on my Mp3. I am working on my style these days and its heading to a B-more/Fidget House/Baile Funk/Kuduro/Dominican Music/ kind of thing, but this my friends.. This is big. And I especially want to give a BIG thanks to Dave Nada for the Moombahton EP and giving me the inspiration, because I think this is going to be huge. SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT!

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