Zouk Bass is not even 1 year old yet following that infamous Buraka Som Sistema Boiler Room Session last February!

Here’s 10 tracks that have created an impact in that short time.

This is not a “Best Of” or even a list of my personal faves, if it were, then the list would be pretty different.

It is, as it says, a list of tracks that I personally believed created an “Impact” when they came out, maybe because they were one of the first or for another reason.

Some of these tracks might not even be considered as “true” Zouk Bass but were labelled as such.

Of course, there’ll be arguments over inclusions and omissions, carry on fighting and call me a douche for missing stuff out ahahahahh 😉

10. Hataah – Sekwe

One of the very first tracks to emerge after the Boiler Room Sessions was this one that had everybody going nutz for it.

9. Fellow – Dreamers

Following closely behind SaBBo in the race for the first “official” Zouk Bass release was Fellow.  Fellow released the second official Zouk Bass EP and it was actually slept on a little bit. It is defintely worth a revisit because it had some sterling stuff on it.

8. Banginclude – Bubbah Meck

As he says, it was a Zouk Bass “attempt” and although he got it right later on with tracks like “Swerve” and “Pyramid Riddim” amongst others, this was the first of his that slayed people. It could be heard on mixes everywhere.

7. Chase & Status – No Problem (DJ Superstereo Remix)

After Riot had unleashed his Marka edit, it seemed that within a few hours, DJ Superstereo had conjured up this, the second ever edit in the Zouk Bass scene and quite a monster track too!

6. Dub Phizix – Marka (Riot Remix)

Riot from Buraka Som Sistema was a massive part of the infamous Boiler Room set and here he opened the doors to Zouk Bass edits, this being the first ever “to be labelled as such”.  We all agreed that he could not have chosen a more appropriate track!

5. SaBBo – Bush Woman

A lot of folks were scrambling to be one of the first to release official Zouk Bass material. SaBBo pipped them all with his first EP “Voodoo Space Time” that was released on Generation Bass. Like many of us, SaBBo was blown away by the DZC Crew track “Tarraxo Na Parede”, the first track that kicked off the Buraka Dj set. It was that track that provided the inspiration for his whole EP.

4. JSTJR – Cerveja

This one was such a surprise and blew everybody away with its cross-over appeal and has helped to make JSTJR one of the rising stars of the American Dance scene in 2013 following hot on the heels of previous Generation Bass prodigies Heartbreak & Munchi.

What we said back then:

“The more South American flavored “Cerveja” almost sounds like a chopped & screwed Major Lazer track. Yet, it’s a buzzing, synth driven gem that would be too un-commercial for them to brand. Awesome shifting rhythms give this track an edge you have not heard before. And that’s a Generation Bass guarantee!”

3. Ancestral Club – Zoudreambia

A track that featured on the original Boiler Room Sessions. One of the key tracks that made most people fall in love with the genre. Ironically, the Ancestral Club duo made up of Dubbel Dutch and one time Generation Bass contributor Dave Quam aka Massacooramaan have distanced themselves from the scene and hate the term “Zouk Bass”. They have even refused to officially release this track in spite of the huge demand for it because they don’t want to be percieved as being privy to the scene or jumping on a bandwagon. I think that has to be respected! They’ll hate being included in this list lol 🙂

2. Buraka Som Sistema – Zouk Flute

No such list could be compelete without a track from the guys who invented the term “Zouk Bass” and who, via their Boiler Room set, helped to catapult renewed interest in Tarraxinha and Kizomba to the world.

This tried to define what “Zouk Bass” was actually suppose to sound like and of course was also featured in that infamous Boiler Room session.

1. DZC Crew – Tarraxo Na Parede

The track that kicked off the Boiler Room set and the “ONE” that blew most of us away. The first Zouk Bass anthem and now a classic.

Here’s what Deejay Kuimba said about the track in his first Generation Bass interview:

As you are now aware, since the Buraka Som Sistema’s Boiler Room session back in February 2013, your track, “Tarraxo Na Parede” is blowing up in the underground and inspiring a movement called “Zouk Bass”.

When did you become aware of this and how do you feel about so many underground producers now trying to copy your style?

DJ Kuimba:
I became aware of it when I saw that video of Buraka Som Sistema performing in Lisbon, I wasn’t expecting my track to be the first on the set and was really surprised to be honest.

I’ve heard a lot of tracks lately from djs and producers in this style. In my opinion, some are good and some need more work.

Zouk Bass for me it’s different than any other style but it is still based on “Tarraxinha” and “Kizomba” but totally different.

How did the idea for the track come about and who else was involved in the making of the track?

DJ Kuimba:
The idea came from a friend of mine “DJ Yudifox”; he is involved in it too. We had worked together on a few tracks before but then we decided to do something different from anything which is how “Tarraxo Na Parede” came about. The idea is a dance style of music but leaning against the wall while dancing to it as u can imagine listening to that beat lol

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