It is already half a year ago that I became the new blogger for Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. Time flies. I’m reaching the stage of age where that say is becoming kind of a grim reality. Even a couple of years back, the future seemed big, vague and distant. Now, with another year having just vanished before my very eyes, I’m slowly realising that this – “my friend” – is the future. It is true, when you are in a routine, time goes a great deal faster than when you’re embarking on new adventures.

For me – forgive me this little moment of complaining.. again – 2013 has been a thesis year. The year where the challenge to graduate and achieve something significant in life became serious business. That mission is still not completed but soon I will reach the finish. It has also been the year where music became serious business, and it is still overwhelming me. A little more than two years ago I became hooked on “bringing different worlds of music together”.. commenting on my favourite Soundcloud tracks, trying (and so far failing) to produce my own stuff. Via 108 Moombahton and Tropitronics, I was drawn into the scene in a way I could have never dreamt of. But the most incredible blessing has been the opportunity to blog here at Generation Bass.

The end of such half a year is also a way to look back at Sexxy Saturday Cumbia and look forward to the future. I have spent some time leafing back though the archives of my predecessor, El Guëro Unico, which made me even more the aware of shoulders on which I stand. EL Guëro is an experienced blogger and musician. Reading his posts made me realise how much more there is to know about cumbia than I do now. El Guëro is a dedicated craftsman, whereas I am a passionate but a bit impetuous jack-of-all-trades (moving from moombahton and 3ball into industrial, i mean..). El Guëro is a passionate, sometimes a bit opinionated activist, trying not only to spread love with music but also to teach social responsibility, whereas I am a quiet academic, sharing next to music information about culture and history, trying to spread not only love, but also curiosity.

As soon as I’ll have time, I will try to build further on what is now. Like El Guëro did in the past, I will try to establish closer connections with musicians, bloggers and artists who can contribute. I will be ‘out there’. You’ll get to know me. And, beware.. you might even get to see me in person on an event.. (in whatever role). I’m counting down to 2014 with a smile..!

Now let’s move on quickly to cumbia!

Because it’s the final SSC of the year, we’ve got not 1, but 2 mixtapes to celebrate the end of this musically great year. But first of all, I want to share something extra. When going through the SSC posts of the last year I was so impressed by the amount of great cumbia that has been produced in just one year that I share some of ‘the best’ tracks we’ve seen in 2013. Of course there is no real ranking involved. There are so many different styles.. there is no fair way to go about really selecting te ‘best’.. it’s just a quick reminded of the great musical treasures of last year’s digital cumbia that has been shared here on Generation Bass, by El Guëro and by me! I wanted to make a mixtape of it but with a lack of time and equipment her at my parants’ place, I didn’t manage to do it, so I made a playlist instead. Enjoy!

The first mixtape is one I got in my inbox a couple of days ago. The German cumbiambero Dj Zhao brings a fine selection of the best new and old nu-cumbia tracks. His delicate taste for older and high-quality cumbia is noticeable in his choice of tracks: a foray into digital cumbia of a vintage-expert.. enjoy!

The second one, from the London-based Latin/oldskool hiphop dj Huskiii, is more on the hiphop-side of cumbia. He told me that he’s been inspired by the SSC posts for a while now.. so let it be a compliment, not just for El Guëro and myself, but for the blog as a whole.. inspiring people to play good music is what we exist for!

Now I move on the the newest releases. It contains a couple of older ones because, for all the thesis-stress, I’ve missed a few ‘must-blog’s which I share with you now. Most importantly this remixes EP that appeared two weeks ago on Regional Label. Even though I frequently blog stuff from this channel, I must have missed it completely. It’s a nice collection of tracks, with contributions from frequently blogged artists such as Rafael Aragon and Trillbilin.

The other great release that I have missed is the remixes EP of Baglady’s ‘Ice Age’, on Caballito Netlabel, also from two weeks ago. All tracks on the EP are baltimore, with exception of one cumbia version, from Bigote:

Dany F has got a new tune as well. A not that well categorisable ‘Dany F style’ edit of Disclosure’s ‘Help me Lose my Mind’. It’s doubtful whether this still counts as ‘cumbia’ but never mind, it’s almost NYE, I love the tune, and Dany F is always welcome on SSC, whatever he does..!

Very much cumbia is this new tune from Yelram Selectah: a minimalistic, swagged-up cumbia edit of A$AP Ferg feat. A$AP Rocky’s ‘Shabba’

Sonora Rumbatron also did a very basic but oh-so-badass cumbia edit of Orihuela M.S.S.‘ ‘Amalucan’. An EP of remixes of the original appeared a couple of weeks ago on the artist’s bandcamp, get it here!

Also check out Sonora’s Christmas release:

Next to the tracks on his own soundcloud, Sonora also released a track on the Mexican label Especimen Tropical, in collaboration with Mexican Stepper:

It is always funny to see the overlap and the differences in taste and choice between yourself and other bloggers. One of the cool things things was to see that Hydroselekter was also a frequently featured artist in El Guëro’s posts.  This is the newest release of this productive producer who keeps going strong.. an cumbiamuffin edit of Steppa Warriors’ ‘Militant Style’!

The San Luis Potosí (Mex.) based dj Add on de Bass released this special  edition of Fanfarri Cumbia: cumbiaton meets dub meets balkan.. and even meets breakbeats..!

Regular guest DJ RAYO Mix is also back with his unmistakable laidback dub grooves!

Searching for tracks to build a mega-post worthy for a NYE-edition, I also came across some new artists again I considered worth sharing with you.

The first one is the Buenos-Aires based dj La Epidemia de la Cumbia, who did this nice cumbia-dub edit, in the style of the other subtle cumbia-dub edits we’ve seen and enjoyed so often here at SSC:

The Peruvian urban-tropical MC Black Jocker teamed up with Dj Petardo for this funky cumbiaton-underground-rap tune Arma Mortal!

Finally there were two new urban cumbia(ton) tracks, one from Argentina, from the channel Conquest Records, who released two tracks from the artist Te Hago Nana.. due to the mega-ness of this post I blogged just one, a villera banger with the most dance-energy for NYE: ‘te voy a romper el culo’.. to be interpreted in any way you wish..

The other one is from the Monterrey based Dj Mike Casas, who cumbiafied Owin & Jack’s Es la que Va.

And as we’re gettint into the cumbiaton vibe anyway and this is a mega-post, there a quick snippet-mix of the Vol.2 the best Mexican cumbiaton tunes, compiled by Tiestoriki.


And last but not least in this series.. Dj Tao, who is back this week again with his specialty: the acapella cumbificaiton. Grab the tune here for free!

Then we’ve arrived at the end of this mega-post, with hopefully enough great cumbia for a good NYE party and its weekend ‘rehearsals’.. three euphoric encore bangers this time:

Don Alex did this crazy, kinda minimalistic-ish cumbia interpretation of DJ Fresh & Diplo ft. Dominique Young Unique’s ‘Earthquake’..!!

Now turn the tempo up with Alan Rosales & El Dusty‘s cumbia-3ball fusion ‘Mi Cumbia’!

And .. althoug it´s old, I just had to post it because of the title..

There were different versions of it.. This one I liked best!

Have a booming New Year´s Eve.. and, watching the clock.. I realise what my new year´s resolution will be, definitely.. In 2014, I´ll post ON TIME !!

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