Palmistry – Free Indeed [Lo-Fi Tropical Bliss]


Since the early days of this blog, almost 5 years ago now, I’ve never known such a great start in a year for music as we’ve had so far in 2014. We’re only in January and already this year is turning out to be pretty epic.

Wow, man, then it only gets better as this mixtape by London artist Palmistry demonstrates.  I don’t even know where to start with this producer’s sound.  I said earlier this year that emotion will creep back into dance music and these atmospheric, other worldly beats, by this soon to be mega producer, pack in quite an emotional punch.

Ambient, beautiful, atmospheric, gorgeous and transcendental, the music on this mixtape has blown my mind.

This guy has an amazing future ahead of him, one of our names to watch in 2014!

Thanks to DIS Mag for dis!!!

The first ‪#‎DISmix‬ of 2k14 comes from PALMISTRY. Get spirited away with lo-fi tropical pop ease.

Palmistry – Lil Gem (Drownin’ Edit)
Palmistry – Ascensión feat. Ulique & Blaze Kid
Triad God – So Pay La (prod. by Palmistry)
I-Octane & Max B – In My Heart II (Palmistry edit)
Palmistry – DROPdrip
Triad God – Dai Goi Sugar Pum Pum in Namco Arcade (prod. by Palmistry)
Ms Thing & Psychoband – Bonify Raw
Palmistry – Vapore
Palmistry – Protector
Alkaline – Gyal Bruk Out
Palmistry – Catch
Palmistry – Goin’ In Freestyle feat. Blaze Kid
Cumbia Tornado [E+E Remix] (Palmistry Edit)
Palmistry – Neoprene
Palmistry (Lil Gem Ep) – Baby Yaga

Omar Souleyman – La Sidounak Sayyada (8㋡8 ACID ARAB edit)


The brilliant Acid Arab drop a great Omar edit, fantastic stuff as usual.

And if you haven’t checked out their recent album then you simply must do because it is one of the best Arabic fusion albums I’ve ever heard.

Here’s a teaser:


01 RIKSLYD “Oriented”
02 OMAR SOULEYMAN “Shift Al Mani” (CRACKBOY remix)
05 PILOOSKI “The Wizzard Edit”
06 ACID ARAB “Berberian wedding”
07 I:CUBE “أيام زما (Le Bon Vieux Temps)” (Red Tape mix)
08 DANNY MAHBOUNE “Ouzou Mneha (live from Belleville)”
09 RENART “Sahra Min Tahab”
10 ETIENNE JAUMET “The Cheikh Arrives”
11 DIMMIT “Blash”
13 MATTIA “Surabaya”

Los Cumbiadelics – Cumbia Revolution Feat. Lion True & Jose Luis Carballo


Los Cumbiadelics is rebel music with explosive lyrics and driving rhythms to help mobilize movements for political change and social justice at home, and around the world.

Los Cumbiadelics is a project by Juan C that started during the Occupy Movement in Oakland in 2011. The series of demonstrations led by the diverse array of people of the Oakland community inspired a revolutionary theme in the music.

Song produced by Juan C (Bay Area, California) in Collaboration with Clo Sismico (Quito, Ecuador) Electro-Cumbia song “Cumbia Revolution” is a collaboration of bad ass musicians such as Felipe Pumarada (Peru), Jose Luis Carballo (Peru), Joaquin Hernadez of Cumbia Machin (San Diego, Ca.) Clo Sismico of Quito Mafia (Ecuador) Lion True of Spiritual Lyric Sound (Ecuador) Also many thanks to the homies Marmota of Quito Mafia & Kerm of OGK for the guapeos.



Portugal is basically on fire atm, maybe the country making the most exciting and innovative dance beats worldwide atm.

Found this last night and man it made me go bonkers, I was so tired though that I didn’t have the energy to post it until this morning.

This is the BOMB!

Afro Dub System – Adowa [Transnational Dub]


How about this then.

“Afro Dub System is a new project that explores a combination of African oriented music, afro-funk, afro-beat, african tribal music with dub / reggae music…”

This is AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to hear more!

If you like the above then check this out from me from 10 years ago!

Bert On Beats – Arriba [Transnational Bass]


Bert on Beats is becoming a bit of a veteran in the Trans Bass scene, it seems funny saying that, but we’ve known him for so long and he has yet to let us down on a track.

His output is always immaculate and to the highest standard, it really is a crime that he is not known worldwide like some others who are more famous than him.

On this new track he just dropped on Echufada he traverses the Trans Bass world with a tinge of an Arabian flute melody.

A Big track with a Big sound from a Big artist in this scene.

Here’s what the label say:

After the zouk maestro JSTJR kickstarted the third Upper Cuts season with his slow winding beats, it’s now time to pick up the pace with Estonia’s foremost Global Club Music expert, the one and only Bert On Beats.

Proving exactly how global this Global Club Music scene can get, this top-notch producer returns to Enchufada with the powerful Arriba, a bass-heavy track that sees the studio wizard blend UK bass music staples with all sorts of tropical dance floor heat. Heavy syncopated drums and roaring basslines draw inspiration from the London underground scene, as the layers of intricate percussion and contagious flute melodies create a hypnotic vibe with middle-eastern flavour that is bound to make hips sway across the world.

Arriba points the Global Club Music series that is Upper Cuts in new and unexpected directions, while keeping the party vibes on a constant high. This tune marks Bert On Beats’ return to the label, after dropping the powerful Bassy Baile on the Hard Ass Sessions EP series back in 2011.



A veteran of the Kuduro scene, DJ N.K aka Pedro Cardoso is a Portuguese producer.

Born in Lisbon, the son of an Angolan Mother and Portuguese father, his taste for music developed from a very early age under the influence of his parents whose daily dose of African rhythms stuckmwith him as he grew up.

He says it was the sound of DJ Amorim and Rey Weeba that influenced him the most into making his own productions.

He started producing in 2000 and began with HipHop for his Crew at the time. When he started high school in 2004, he met the WRP (West Row People) a Rap music group and he would compose all the beats for them.

He was nicknamed DJ N.K. (Night Kid) because his musical inspiration only happened at night.

It was in 2005 that he finally started making some Kuduro and these were some of his earliest releases:

DJ N.k – Mata Dj que me Mata Album: (Tipo Bala 2005)
DJ N.k – Mixagens part.1/2/3 Album: (Tipo Bala 2005)
DJ N.k – Dance VS Kuduro Album: (Tipo Bala 2005)
DJ N.k – Tanta Raiva Album: (Tipo Bala 2005)

In 2006, he devoted himself entirely to producing only Kuduro and he had big successes, such as:

DJ N.k – MSN Kuduro Songs
DJ N.k – Alarma Kuduro
DJ N.k – Businansso
DJ N.k – Muita Kiwaia ft. The Best
DJ N.k – Alarme Nocturno

He then met DJ Marfox who invited him to join the DJ’s in the Ghetto. This group consisted of 6 DJ ‘s, Dj Fofuxo, Dj Marfox, Dj, Dj Nervoso Jesse, Dj breaks and Dj Jesse.

DJ N.k – Estravagancia
DJ N.k – Parolas Assassinas
DJ N.k – Instrumentais Pesados
DJ N.k – Tarracho é contigo

Through Marfox, he then met Kuduro vocalists Dama Pink (D. Pink Star), Dama Kriola creating a three-way project with the songs:

Dama Pink & Dama Kriola – Dança da Bunda
Dama Pink & Dama Kriola – Bo Ta Rebola
The Best – Muita Kiwaia

2007 launches the digital album “DJ N.k – Ku-Mando”
2008 launches the digital album “DJ N.k – Kizomba MIX TAPE”
In 2009/2010 he produced for a musical project (“The Magical”), consisting of two vocalists Farao and William King of Love (backstage reporter of the “Idols” an entertainment program of Portuguese television station) .

Da Magical – Essas Damas
Da Magical – Nanananana
Da Magical – O Verão

He has created other stuff through the years too:

Mango – Fantoche

D.PinkStar (Kuduro/AfroHouse)
D.PinkStar – Lhe Estraga
D.PinkStar – 6ºFeira
Prince Singh (Kizomba/House/R&B)

Prince Singh – Mulher Bomba
Prince Singh – Skinny Jeans

Preet Ray (House/Word Music)

Preet Ray – TeriJawani

In 2014 DJ N.K. is known for crazy music tracks that make everyone vibrate and sweat to the sound of Tribal Kuduro.







DJ NKcover

Generation Bass presents: DJ N.K. – ANGOLA ZURIK EP

We at Generation Bass still remember the excitement when we first heard Kuduro. A fast, dangerous sounding blend of house and rap, sung/rapped in Portuguese at breakneck speeds. Like a house version of a voodoo chant. It took us hours, scouring the depths of the 2008/2009 internet, to find those first mp3’s. Mostly uploaded by a few guys in Angola who were lucky enough to have some internet, these were the 96kbs building blocks of a genre that still easily holds its own in 2014. The genre holds a special place in our hearts and we still love to play those cuts where they work best, on a dance floor. We are proud to present this great EP by established producer DJ N.K. (real name Pedro Cardosa) with some of the best modern Kuduro tracks we’ve heard in a long, long time!

DJ N.K. adds something new to the table as well. Besides his crystal clear production and razor sharp beats he throws in an excessive amount of percussion to give the rhythms even more drive. This is a 6 track EP that completely wipes the floor with so much generic music out there it’s not even funny anymore. This young producer from Lisbon and being half Angolan himself understands the strong points of a well produced beat like no other. Coming from a hip-hop background he slowly grew and kept on perfecting his skills. Since 2006 he’s been focussed completely on his Kuduro tracks and has been playing all over, along the likes of DJ Fofuxo, DJ Marfox and DJ Breaks.

This EP sees him drop 6 gems in 22 minutes, and not one of them wasted.

The EP kicks off with a statement of intent, “Angola Zurik” where he takes it back to some classic Kuduro. Filtered breaks, steady banging drums and syncopated percussion. Dare I say, better than anything Buraka has thrown at us in the last 3 years! “Apagao de Luanda” takes the tempo down a notch and then something miraculous happens. For the first time you can hear how close this music sounds to old school Chicago house. And just when you realise this, DJ N.K. throws in a load of percussion that makes it sound like an authentic tribal anthem. Mind Blown! The energy maintains very high with the next track, my personal favourite “Carnaval no Musseke”. Which, borders more on 3ball than any other cut on here, but also holds some crazy synths and zaps in the mix which propels this track like a rocket. The fourth joint “Na Namibe” throws in some real African flavour with the screeching monkey samples and the percussive melody that sounds like its being banged out on a coconut. An added bonus is the really gorgeous vocal line in there as well. The tribal influence is even clearer in the penultimate track “Noites do Mussulo” (‘Nights at Mussulo’, a club in Lisbon), which is stacked to the rafters with energetic conga and bongo percussion. I really, seriously cannot imagine anyone standing still when that track is played. Ever! “Transito das 07h” ends the bunch of with 3ball tribal percussion, wild vocal samples and a sh*tload of synths buzzing in your ear. A great close to a great EP of energetic, frantic music that perfectly bridges the gap between Africa and Europe!

Free for a limited time before it appears on digital stores worldwide:

Artwork : Jupa Erian




Is it time for Reggae again? [Nu Reggae]


When Major Lazer came to public attention, I understood it was an eletronic band using the culture of Jamaica and Reggae. For Me, it was one of the first times I had encountered it or at least to me it was one of the biggest most recent projects about Reggae.

Well, ok, it was Diplo and Mad Decent, they probably will influence a lot of people. But it didn’t happen overnight for them. They released 2 albums, and I felt that  they just continued creating Reggae music with eletronica.

But, then I stumbled upon these 2 tracks that made me think again.

Is this evidence of a new movement developing within Reggae?

Niggaz in Jamacia*

Só Quero Bunda at Jamaica*