Wow, been some time since we posted any great Dubstep on here and who better to bring it than one of the original gangsta’s and one of our faves.

Along with the likes of Skream, Benga, Hatcha and Plastician, MRK1 was one of the first to pioneer the Dubstep sound and was responsible for some of its earliest releases.

Generation Bass were lucky enough to share the stage with him some years back in Hungary and as usual he killed it.  This was before Doctor P went stratospheric with “Sweet Shop” and I remember hearing that track there for the first time.  We asked him about that track and some others that sounded like it and he just said this dude Doctor P just keeps on sending me all these tracks and I just play em’ cause they seem to go down a treat!  His mixing abilities were phenomenal too.

Here’s a 30 minute mix he’s done as a promo for his new show and it takes us back to some glorious stuff. If you want to explore the roots of Dubstep before it was raped then you need to follow this show.

Here’s what his team says:

30 minute promo mix for MRK1’s new show that he is currently taking bookings for via Maximum Boost. The “10 YEAR DUBSTEP” show shall take you on the journey of dubstep playing all the biggest and best tracks that forged the sound over the last 10 years.

1. The Bug – Skeng
2. Coki – Tortured
3. Loefah – I
4. Skream – Chest Boxing
5. Mark One – Grit
6. Mark One – Blow
7. Mark One – Slang
8. Mark One – Came from the deep
9. Skream – Filth
10. Benny Ill and Kode 9 – Fat Larrys Skank
11. MRK1 feat Doctor – Blaze it
12. Caspa – Rubber Chicken
13. Skream – Simple City
14. Coki – Ransom
15. MRK1 and Doctor – Bo!
16. MRK1 – The General

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