Amazing new mixtape from Malayasia’s rising new Bass star and a name to watch in 2014.  Her EP is due on Generation Bass soon and it’s gonna be a killa!

This mixtape is creative and inventive and includes some amazing tracks by the great lady herself.  Really excited about this artist for 2014.  You should be too!

Here’s what she says about it all:

HI i am Jet… again?!! haha . Okaaayy… The word Zouk Bass as i previously mention is simply magical , mighty strong attraction to those who never heard of it and once they got to hear it, its a CHEMISTRY.. believe me. Well thats just my point of view and my way to verbally transform it. I first heard of Zouk Bass tune from my label manager DJ.Sundae while he was spinning in one of the club back here, and felt really driven to the tempo, so i tried to dig my own ZB track (back here its rude to spin from other’s collection hihihihi) i tried to mix this tune but at that particular time there is not much ZB track i have with me compared to the massive free downloads we have right now.. hahhaa TQ guys.. (I did wonder who is JSTJR or Baginclude was at that time.. Such nice ZBRos , i found out ).

Periodically thats how i came out with the idea to produce my own thang’ at 90bpm. I’m still in the learning process of producing tunes and DJing , Sory for my mistake…

Well, maybe a Minimix/mixtape as a point of remembrance of what goes and passed by , here’s my wrap-up of 2013 and a special track (NO:1) especially for ZOUKBASSTV – Mistik Si Santubong (90bpm) the lady who guards Mount.Santubong and track (NO:3) – Jet of Borneo was currently release on my EQUATOR EP with MOOMBA+ , The rest is as follows in no particular order i just pick and choose randomly due to a lot of goodies … tq GB (DjUMB)..


Mistik Si Santubong-JJet Airess
Bounce In Borneo – Jet Airess
Jet Of Borneo – Jet Airess
Musica – Kapo
Deep In Zoukbass (Baginclude Remix) – DZC Deejays
Caxito – JSTJR x Two Sev x Banginclude
Dub Ghetto – Sandwich Island Bass
Barely Regal -Two Sev x ¡El Cucuy!
Bubbah Meck -(DZC Deejays Tarraxo Remix)- BAGINCLUDE
Fiyah Bun – Makk
Toot Toot – Castro
Zouxo Movimiento (Más Zouxo Remake) – Gabriel Rowano
Maconha – Mala Noche
Tippin – Baginclude
Lebok Mumbah – Jet Aires


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