Feeling this, kinda reminds me of the bands Yello, Massive Attack & Lemongrass in parts, very atmospheric Trip-Hop with the right amount of funkiness too and a delight to the ears from this awesome artist from Istanbul, Turkey.

Stand-outs for me are Yelloesque “Spatula”, the Lemongrassesque “Down”, the soulful “Wulf”, the funky “Fysa”, the 80’s New Romantic sounding “I’ll Pay You” and his instrumental remix of “Milyoner” by Grup Ses Beats and Kamulfe.

All in all, the tracks are more like a series of sound sketches that could mutate into some great fully formed tracks in the future.

Free download too:

Here’s what his label says:

Nodul makes his first mark on 2014 with a gorgeous new album. ‘Balcony Beats’ consists of lush synth moves, slick bass grooves and forward thinking beats. An impressive statement from a brilliant producer.

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