Pedro Maurício aka King Kong or KKing Kongis a rising star in the midst of a new generation of Portuguese producers. At the young age of 22, this talented beatmaker immediately started turning heads as soon as he dropped his first track Derpdaherp, inspired by the slow rhythms of Dave Nada’s “Moombahton EP” and his own desire to make soulful and melodic club tracks. You can now hear him blend hip-hop, soul and R&B influences with the moombahton style, turning up the heat with mesmerizingly slow-paced beats and dreamy, sensual melodies – all of them inspired by his girlfriend, as he’s quick to point out when asked about his more personal influences.

Fuelled by the need to constantly improve his own skills and taste – which he began to develop by listening to his brother’s record collection – this self-taught Lisbon native started spending countless hours watching Youtube tutorials, eventually achieving an unmistakeable sound that he slowly crafted and perfected in the only way he knows how: by making music and lots of it. The result of his impressive focus and trademark smoothness is an extraordinary output of songs and remixes, which he shared with the world on a weekly basis as his reputation began to grow amongst internet-savvy moombahton lovers.

After turning in remarkable bootleg remixes for artists such as Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne or Diplo – as well as an impressive amount of official remixes for several Portuguese producers – he now takes another important step on his promising career by signing with Enchufada record label, the home of Buraka Som Sistema. For all of these reasons and many more, you can bet that you’ll be hearing a lot about KKing Kong in the near future.







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