CRUNCHTIME Recordings , re-released the album Keepin´ Me of Stefan Moerth, Stereotyp. The label is running by Stereotyp himself  and its like the sounds returning to the mother house.  Nothing more to add asides that this is probably one of the best albums of the year even as a re-release. And you say: ” Ohh well.. we are only in January and the damn bloggers  are already doing prognostics.”  Then, listen to it and decide for yourself.  Heavyweight collaborations on the vocals by Capadonna (Wu-Tang!), Hubert Tubbs (Tower of Power), Cesar Sampson, Sandra Kurzweil and Daniela Bauer (Café Drechsler), and mind blowing productions through different influences and styles but always keeping the security and coherency. Wrapped in smoke, velvet and out of focus images of nature  projected in an urban buildings.  Organic as we like it. Welcome again  to Keepin´Me, the “new” album of Stereotyp, now at  home.




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