This sort of music goes to the heart of what I’m about. I luv North African and Middle Eastern music over and above anything else, it just does something to me.

Here’s something quite experimental tho’ but pretty interesting!

Listen to the promo mix HERE.

Free download or name your price via Bandcamp:

What the label says:

El Mahdy Jr- RAÏ DUBS – Out 1/14/14

This is a collaborative release featuring Gulls, XJ, and Alter Echo.

Beginning with a shared love of old school Algerian Raï music and audio deconstruction, we sampled several Raï classics from cassettes and youtube rips, resulting in 3 tunes and a dub.

Heavy weight system pressure, poly-riddim and crunchy arid melodics dubbed up inna Boomarm style!

Released in a limited run of 300 10′ vinyls in hand stamped and printed sleeves.

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