A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs´s FOOL´S GOLD  Clubhouse compilations are back with their 4th volume.  Be ready for great songs of Treasure Fingers, Lenkemz, Steve Starks, His Majesty Andre, Gregori Klosman, Vails just to name a few. Check what they say.

UK champions Roska and NAPT  have combined forces on a brand new CLUBHOUSE release that’s chock full of the high-grade funkiness you’ve come to expect from these two masters of bass. A true hybrid of moods and styles, “Mr Oscar” rolls where “Roar” stomps, creating a must-have 1-2 punch for forward thinking DJs and party people. Lightaaa!!!

” As a wise man once said…. “WE STAY IN THE CLUB! WE LIVE IN THE CLUB! WE GO TO CHURCH IN THE CLUB! WE PAY OUR TAXES IN THE CLUB! WE DO EVERYTHING IN THE CLUB!” It is with that same spirit that we proudly present FOOL’S GOLD CLUBHOUSE. Free dance releases from FG friends and fam, and a series of estival stages around the glove. Turn up! ” Fool´s Gold

Check out pics and videos from the 2013 season of Clubhouse stages!

Fool Gold´s Clubhouse

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