A post I originally wrote in Noisey in December 2013, which now seems to be gaining a little momentum around the net.

There is a few days ago, when I was in Rio Parada Funk, with Apavoramento Crew, when I listened the Quero Bunda from Mc Tipocki. That sound was very good and very different from what I’ve listened about baile funk. It was more slow, sounds similar as a ragga music, but with a little touch of Axé music (the northeast brazilian sound). I get curious for it, because no other mc used that beat.

When I return to São Paulo, found more musics and see there is grouwing up new scene in Rio de Janeiro. It was the Rasterinha moviment (or raggafunk to some producers).

Everything started with Mc Nandinho, a very popular Mc from Rio de Janeiro. He was with friends in a studio, when get a motorcycle helmet and start to hit it, making some beat. In few minutes he and friends start to singing on beat and created the music ‘joga teia spider man’ ( in a direct translate, something like send the web spider man). It was a joke to a popular music of carnaval in brazil, the Liga da Justiça, which talks about Super Man and Wounderful woman. So Nandinho said: I decide to create one to spider man, why not?

This beat was the starter to evertyhing. Few months later, Tipocki used this beat to Quero Bunda and now, a lot of new Mc’s are producing rasterinha tracks to get their own space on scene. It’s very nice to remember this: Quero bunda is a production of Dj RD da NH, so he is more one of mentors of all this moviment.

Other point: it’s a movement talking about slow bpm. In the baile funk, is usual the 128-130bpm, but in rasterinha it is 96-98. There is just a few elements in the tracks, beat and vocal, and few samples, not so much bass line or bass drops. I can belive, this is the understood  of ‘less is better’ from funkeiros. Mc Tipocki said it: The tamborzão was to frenetic, I was looking for something more easy, more calm, and found it on rasterinha.

We record a small set to show the idea of Rasterinha. There is just 5 tracks but is very good to understand it.

BUT, Funk na Caixa called some friends to release a EP with Rasterinha beat! And in very few days we’ll release more materail of this starter moviment.

More from Rasterinha:

PLUS: if you are a producer and want to do a production / remix of rasterinha, send us a e-mail [email protected]


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