Here’s name that we badly slept on in 2013!

This is Clap! Clap! A dude who has been long in the game aka Cistiano Crisci aka Digi G’Alessio who started his musicial career in 1999 playng alto and baritone saxophone.

Already been bigged up a number of names from Skream & Benga, Annie Mac, Diplo and through to DJ Craze. He came to our attention via Svmuss’ enthusiastic ravings about him on FB. Svmuss is all over soundcloud nowadays and has great taste.

Just check these out, this is Tropical Bass Madness at its finest. That “Viarejo” track is a BOMB!


Clap! Clap! is the newest addition to our eclectic collective and also the most exotic artist to have ever released with us. White on the surface but black in spirit, Clap! Clap! sets free some raw, hypnotizing, modern-day tribal dances on Gwidingwi Dema by touching up on various African traditional rhythms that he infuses with deep basslines, wild drums and entrancing footwork.

Gwidingwi Dema (black jungle in Zimbabwean Shona) is all about its striking musical associations, such as transforming the soundscape of a village in the jungle on a rainy afternoon into something very club-friendly.

He creates his implosive rhythms by pacing vigorous bass with melodic vocal incantations and elaborate percussion. It all feels like hearing rare footage of a tribe singing and dancing in mesmerizing cycles in a classical club environment. Anyone will be able to feel Clap! Clap!’s producer prowess and seasoned artistry on this one.



Following his stunning “Gwidingwi Dema” EP, Digi kept at what is shaping up to become so much more than just an alias for his tribal-influenced works. He never thought it would be club-friendly yet he delivered the finest night in Origami Sound events history – this is the recording of his first live performance. He also has 2 EPs ready to drop in the next 4 months but you’ll be hearing more about that soon 🙂

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