Rising Turkish Transnational Dubstep dude throws down a heavy mix for Mixmag containing some gems.

Here’s what Mixmag say about it:

Mala’s Deep Medi is on a roll right now. While the dubstep label has always been a lightning rod for the scene, the start of 2014 sees it brimming with fresh talent and ideas.

It’s home to Kahn, Compa and Commodo, as well as the recently active Quest, who all turned in defining mixes for us in 2013. Together, they’re guiding a new wave producers who are invigorating dubstep and making it feel creative again. Now joining them is Gantz, who is responsible for Deep Medi’s first release of the year.

It’s a double-A side, with ‘Spry Sinister’ a percussive workout undercut by thick, shifting low-end frequences and ‘Rising’ a monolithic dub sculpture that rocks and rolls, samples of Middle Eastern music sweeping into the mix. It’s got that classic, smokey Deep Medi quality about it, a strong statement of intent from a producer who’s about to fuck the game up.

Based out of Instanbul, Gantz has previously released on key dubstep outposts Boka and Black Box. He’s taken his sound across Europe and over the Atlantic to the US, too. While still very much an underground artist in the grand scheme of dance music, he’s quickly emerged as someone to watch within 140bpm music. The exclusive mix he’s turned in for us proves why: it’s a selection of fervent low-end cuts, all united by churning bass, unpredictable rhythms and rough-hewn textures that perhaps aren’t normally associated with dubstep. It’s the start of a new year, get on this for a glimpse of the future.

‘Spry Sinister’/’Rising’ is out now via Deep Medi

2/5 BZ – Ser Ekseni
Kabus Kerim – The Don
Grup Ses Beats – Aramalude
Lurka – Choke
Blawan – Jackal Ter9’s
Four Tet – Buchla
Sorrow – Mourner VIP
Kahn – Way Mi Defend VIP
Gantz – The Supreme A
Commodo – Buckwild (Gantz RMX)
Gantz – Free Focus (Commodo RMX)
LAS&Gantz – Fire Pusher
LAS – Malfunktions
Kahn – Over Deh So
El Mahdy Jr & Jabu – They Come For You
Ramadanman – Bass Drums
Gantz – Baby Face
VIVEK – Asteroids (Kromestar RMX)
Send – Moonman (Gantz RMX)
Epoch&Wen – Ghost
MssingNo – Play Round
Commodo – Good Grief
Wen ft Riko – Play Your Corner

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