It took me some time for to get it into a picture and give it a first official try, but.. here it is: Sexxy Saturday Cumbia ‘s got a fresh-new logo. The credits are for my friend and new Generation Bass blogger Bossa Zanada, who is also a graphic artist. I asked him this week whether he could help me create a new visual image for Sexxy Saturday Cumbia and within days I found this brilliant digitropical design in my inbox. This is gonna be the start of a new chapter for SSC, to be continued soon..

I discussed with Bossa how the ‘multi-genre’ approach, divided by vibe and atmosphere (deep, groovy, powerful or dark..) rather than by genre or BPM number, is really starting to give the bass scene a stronger profile these days. That’s what I’ve always hoped for: not having to choose between moombahton, cumbia, zouk bass or even trap.. not having to hate on other genres.. and it’s happening now! The vibe is what’s setting the tone and what’s giving most of the experience on the dancefloor. Moving smoothly between the different rhythmical flavours while in on same trip only adds to that experience!

But now let’s move to cumbia quickly, I’ve got quite a list today..

I realised that I’ve been neglecting the weekly mixtape tradition a bit over the last weeks.. but here I’ve got a smooth one again, provided by Radio Bipolar for Regional Label. The mix contains a lot of ‘noiresque’ and acid-inspired tunes.. many from Barda, but Dany F and El Buho are also represented. Enjoy!

The most important cumbia release of this week is obviously Arturo Herrera‘s extensive EP, which appeared on El Guëro Único‘s own blog The Global Bass Experience a couple of days ago. The 13 tracks on the EP are wildly diverse. Almost everything is represented, from cumbia-house and cumbia-muffin to dub-edits, dembow and even drum ‘n bass. But cumbia is always the connecting factor: ‘Mi Quilomba Es La Cumbia’!

The first great surprise and definitely my favourite tune of this week is Alien’s Dread‘s ‘Cumbiatizaje’. I’m new to this music project from Mexico City, which has introduced the concept of Alien Bass. I hope we’ll hear more from these guys soon!

The other artist I discovered this week is DJ Citlali, a cumbia producer from London, who just released this galactic cumbiaton track ‘Lavender’!

I found out about Citlali because Turbo Sonidero Futuristico, reposted his track along with this remix of JU$TIN LOAN$‘s ‘Cool Runnings’.. which is actually a track from last year (according to the description) but he uploaded (or re-uploaded) it yesterday so I thought i’d just share it here as well..

The Colombian producer Benny Bajo teamed up with MC Noblezza El Colombiano for this absolutely massive uptempo cumbia-bubbling-bass tune ‘Pa Que Brinquen’! Transnational bass at its best right here!

Then it’s time for some dub-edits. The first is a live recorded cumbification of the King General’s ‘Gotta be Conscious’, by Piper Street Sound, for the channel of Cumbia Dub Club Petardo.

Sonidos Profundos did this deliciously slow and trippy edit of Machete All Stars’ ‘Perdon por lo de Ayer’, with subtle use of some electronic sounds here and there..

The same goes for Loco Munico from Argentina, whose preview of ‘Caballo Viejo’ has got a warmer and even more dreamy sound. Even though it may not be a finished track, it’s already got the support from Generation Bass!

RUMBATRON Sonora brings up the rear this week, with this edit of Grupo Kual: ‘Acordeon Mashupero’..

The club-warmup-section is a bit more extended this week because I’ve got some good urban-flavoured stuff, house-flavoured stuff and also some easy party-remixes, all to get you in the right mood!

Of course Erick Jaimez cannot be absent in a good SSC post. This week he released two great bangers again.
The first one is a collab with Hydroselekter: a slow, chopped ‘n screwed trapification of as-vintage-as-possible cumbia sounds: ‘Ghetto Bass’ !

‘Condor Legendario’ is also cumbia-trap but faster and with a more powerful dance-drive.. wepa-mode !

This remix of ‘Colombian Sax’, from the Colombian dance producer M o s k a is one of those tracks who are in the grey zone between cumbia and no-longer-cumbia.. but the listening ear will immediately hear that delicious syncope in the shaker-sample, which makes this banger kindof classify as cumbia-house.. I approve!

For a more recognisable cumbia-sound, El Infamoso DJ Gecko has got some new stuff on offer: a mini-mix and a new single track..

Dj Tao, with his unique, minimalistic cumbifications of reggaeton acapellas is also back, with again a perfect tune to warm up a dancefloor, in collaboration with EMUS DJ!

I also discovered a new nice cumbia-channel this week (not entirely sure if it’s from Argentina, from Chile or even from somewhere else..) where this fresh cumbiaton-pop song, ‘Ya No’, by La Mara Santos ft. Luna Diabla, made its first appearance just a couple of hours ago !

This other relase, El Active‘s ‘Seras’ shows that the classic Villera-sound is still going strong as ever!

Imma finish with these two easy party-tunes..

Sonora Rumbatron (Rumbatron Sonora’s soundcloud alter-ego)’s cumbification of Lost Souls Forever’s Kassabian!

.. and Philthy Dronez‘s ‘Caminando en un Philthy Sueño’!

For the ones who don’t speak Spanish.., that means ‘walking in a philthy dream’.

I suggest that we walk into a philthy night of clubbing right now.. !

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