Dark, heavy with an aggressivity hidden in the silence that separates the words, Joey le Soldat doesn’t sing the beauty of the world but the tensions and conflicts that blight the world and communities.

Conflicts that live inside everyone’s heart and spreads out helped by unfortunate events or mischief as sang in « Introspection ». Misplaced desires and traditions that reduce girls to objects like in « Tempoco » dealing with forced marriages, a difficult subject to present in a track. But that’s what conscious rap is about. Not stories about bimbos shaking their bodies at the pace of banknotes’ wads slapped on their butts by lame wankers with rotten teeth.

I started this article with “dark and aggressivity” but I have to apologize for there’s more in it. There’s also the beauty and the delivery of a precious testimony. I guess Joey le Soldat belongs to the new griots, maintaining the record of the stories of his civilisation. Whereas a former spin doctor of a past French president expressed his point of view about inequality of civilisations, Joey in a few effective words manages to draw the contour of humanity very much alive and fighting against odds.

I have to say that I’m quite happy to speak French at this very moment, the mix between French, English and Mooré is brilliant and not deprived of irony for as Joey quotes on his music page: « « On m’a dit Soldat, tu veux devenir une star? – Il faut que tu rappes en français, en anglais – Que j’oublie d’où je viens? » [I was told « Soldat, you wanna be a star? – You have to rap in French and English » – « Me forgetting where I come from? »]

This simple sentence is a spit in the face of the music business which standardises everything to deliver the same junk all around the world. What else to say? A lot I guess but my ignorance of Joey’s career limits me very sadly.

I can however definitely praise the beat makers Redrum, DJ Form, 76’os, who did an amazing job creating a musical universe adapted to the lyrics ; I have a very personal crush for the beat of « l’Hivernage », which takes you away in Joey’s far village, waiting with him for the precious rain to fall and revive the lands…

D.M.D opened for the official release of the album and great gift to you readers and fans of Akwaaba releases. The tracks come as a free download! Thanks to Benjamin Lebrave for that!

Joey’s talent has already been praised and recognized in France as he had coverage by excellent radio RFI site : HERE!

To listen and buy the full album you can check Akwaaba’s page : HERE !

And if you got hooked by Joey’s music feel free to check his album “La parole est mon arme”. It’s a “pay what you want” download…

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