boris viande

Romain Pierre is Boris Viande. If you don’t know who he is, you better check all his music and side projects as is own label VLAD. French multi-instrumentalist, musical activist that traveled for 5 years around Europe, the Balkans, Belarus, Georgia,  Armenia, Turkey, India and many more places, exchanging  his work/performances with local musicians and cultures adding an incredible richness to his sound.

From Punk to Balkan Brass, Cumbia to House, Drum n Bass to Celtic Folk, Nu Raï to Dubstep, Boris Viande is capable  of making you sweat your clothes good on his shows.

This time he brings his new EP, Nu Raï Experience [VLAD/JAN ’14]. Do you keep wondering what is Raï music? Check it here and you will see why he is probably the only person that can make an amazing and personal interpretation of it by adding much of his own musical vocabulary.

The EP is very coherent with all his last works, so coherent that a friend of mine asked me for recent music and i gave him Boris Viande´s  Soundcloud. He fall asleep listen to it and when he woke up, he was fast to call me to say that he had one of the most amazing dreams he ever had. So.. as you can see it all conspires for a great work here. Let yourself submerge in this Arabic, French, African and Spanish musical forms by the vision of Boris Viande.


little interview (in French) and live footage

Bandcamp (some free downloads inside)




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