First of all, I think I should reference this post by Filipe Ribeiro to get you acquainted with Gaia Beat: Gaia Beat – The revelation of 2013, as Filipe Ribeiro did an awesome job with that post.

Now I can introduce you to his three latest tracks on his soundcloud:

A great trap influenced beat, I could see a lot of rappers going wild on this one. Would fit the flow of some american ones pretty well. Can’t wait to see what he does with this instrumental.

Sapeleme is a great afrobeat track. Not a single Gaia Beat production though, done in collaboration with Staff Paulo and DJ Ricardo Orange. Banging and groovy as hell. Everything fits perfectly in this track, especially the percussion, which seems to be one of Gaia Beat’s strong points. You surely can notice a bit of an hip-hop vibe in this production.

If you read Filipe Ribeiro’s post you know he worked with Prodigio on Swagg All Ova, who also featured Monsta. Makes it perfectly normal that Gaia Beat would produce for Monsta. And this is the result. A great combination between Tarraxinha and hip-hop/rap. Once again, the percussion is spot on, and both vibes (from tarraxinha and hip-hop), fit perfectly. It also features Rei Helder and Loony Johnson.


Grab his new free ep too Volume 3:

Grab the whole thing HERE

Follow Gaia Beat here:



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