This EP was free a few weeks ago, it is no more, and so if you wanna cop this, which you do, all you now need to do is to click on buy at one of the digital stores.

If you love Zouk Bass, you need this, even if you don’t, you still need this!

Generation Bass presents: KJs “Mutants EP”

The stronghold of global bass, zouk bass and all things innovative in the field of music, Generation Bass, is back with a team of ace producers. KJs are three producers based in Manchester and London. They produce global, tropical and zouk bass, house, kuduro and UK funky at the highest level possible. With their roots deep in the UK’s dance music heritage, Manchester producers KJs (Taz, James and Phil) have a long working partnership. First, promoting club nights and DJing; which led naturally on to producing music.

In 2010 they started the KJs as a project to produce Global Bass flavoured tracks, getting support from DJs such as Branko, Toddla T and Flore. They instinctively embraced the Zouk Bass movement that Buraka Som Sistema and Generation Bass exposed the wider world to, and began experimenting with its sound. The result is an unbelievably heavy EP with serious bass pressure in different shapes and sizes. Blending global bass elements with Zouk’s tempo and percussion is so logical; you wonder why nobody did it before. The production is sharp and crisp and has everything you would need to turn any dance floor upside down. A blend of dance hall’s best elements and syncopation and that clangy mid range 3ball and zouk-esque percussion gets topped here by some deep synths, that sometimes reminisce of late nights and getting drunk with your mates doing silly dances.

The “Mutants EP” is five tracks deep and bounces back and forth across all the genres mentioned before. ‘Ape Shake’ kicks off with an infectious rhythm right away and swings back and forth like crazy, the kick drums follow the piano and bass line and squeaky synths and shakers add that feeling of tropical heat. ‘Pressure’ takes us closer to dancehall territory with its pronounced conga’s and typical Jamaica swagger. ‘Closer’ guests Vieka on vocals and is one of those more clubby moments on the EP, when organ deep house stabs pair up perfectly with Zouk percussion. Amazing! The fourth cut on here, ‘Sands of Alexander’, brings something distinctly oriental to the table with its samples and percussion and oriental styles synth motif. Yet again the deep kicks propel the riddim here and take it home to where it belongs, blasting out of a club sound system. Closing cut ‘Ziren’ kicks of a bit darker than the rest of the EP, as if to give us a foreboding warning of things to come. Its reggaeton and moombahton influences are clear though and that bass drum that accents the melody is just perfect. It’s easy to say this track has a cinematic feel to it, because it’s an instrumental jam, but this really brings images to mind of long, late night drives, heading for trouble. Be sure to grab this EP soon as it’s a prime example of the power of zouk and the sheer quality of these cats. KJs for the win!







Artist KJs
Album Title Mutants EP
Genre Zouk Bass
Release Date 20.01.14.
Tracklist1.Ape Shake
3.Closer feat. Vieka
4.Sands Of Alexander
Download storesJuno
Streaming servicesSpotify

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