Wow. What a beautiful surprise. I have to praise Dj UMB for spotting right away the good stuff around. When he offered us to blog this EP, i didn’t actually know what to expect reading the small presentation on the Bandcamp page, but then listening to the 6 tracks of Notch EP released on Gergaz netlabel i got immediatly my player on repeat and spent the evening pleasing my ears with such beautiful sounds.

The sound of FVLCRVM is not dedicated to one genre. It’s just his music, juke, nu-disco garage, #seapunk, it’s a wide array of styles. But there’s a signature, the resonating synths that have a lot of room in the mix, a sophisticated drumbeat that doesn’t overlap the vocals ; this EP has been made carefully with a real love for music.

And guess what ? It’s a pay what you want download. It’s quite rare to get some gem-tracks like that for a non-fixed price, so do what you have to do !

Here’s the download link !

From the bandcamp page :

Solid low end, atmospheric vocal harmonies, wild arpeggios, endlessly modulated 808 beats mixed with unusual samples in various tempos makes FVLCRVM’s cross-genred debut EP suited not only for clubs.

FVLCRVM /ˈfʊlkrəm/ grew up in a church playing jazz and funk guitar, learned to play as many instruments as he could handle, fell in love with synths as a teenager, formed a band with which he plays until now. Started DJing and producing his own tracks with the name borrowed from the coolest jet fighter ever. Pišta Kráľovič aka FVLCRVM is one of the guys for whose using the same pattern twice would never work.

* Gospel of Juke – vocal sample by Mista Bonsoir
** That’s The Way It Is – vocal sample by Patricia Edwards

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