HEY BASS HEADS, long time no see!!!

Well it’s me, daTrixta back up here again, pulling out all the stops for some shameless SELF-PROMOTION!!  But these are some truly quality joints here, I’m so excited to share them that I couldn’t resist.  The Breadmakerz is a project which I have been working on with Polish producer Deft Aphid for a long time, off and on for over 5 years, yikes!  Last year we released our first full length album and this song was one of our favorites.   I called on a few talented friends who all kinda came up with the same crew in the electronic music scene of sunny Buffalo, NY.  One remix from SwaggleRock (Buzz Trillington & Shooter McNappin)  is a 100bpm twerk, trap banger, another from BIGSKI (who being of Polish American descent was kinda the one who initiated this whole project) is an upbeat kinda favela trap anthem and the third is a kinda glitchy, bleepy, 130bpm ghettotech joint from Mario Bee.   Go get them they’re free with a like on our ‘The Breadmakerz’ facebook page.

CHEERS yall!!!!

(oh and if anyone has been wondering about full length mixes my fav mix of late is from ‘the_large’ Gas Pedal Mix, that joint is, in the words of Roblé, Pure Wave!!!)

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