Heavy bass producer Lenkemz released last week via Thump the video for the track “Can’t See U” featuring Slick Don,  track  which belongs to the EP with the same name released in Slit Jockey Records . The video was directed by Prefix Studios which already collaborate with Lenkemz for Sewin Coins video (Senseless Records). Pretty crazy video i must say, touching what one can call digital surrealism, using different techniques, glitch video, stop motion, pixel art, motion graphics, all placed in a very pleasurable way to make you go nuts watching it.

Can’t See U”  is a 3 pieces EP full of versatility and hybrid bass productions, but always keeping very close of that captivating UK sound. In title track, 140 bpm Garage rhythm is alternated with a very bad ass beat in half tempo making bed to the peculiar voice and flow of Slick Don, mic-fire above them. It grabs and take you wherever he wants with some of the finest lyrics i had listen from him. Some serious case of future Grime anthem. If you dare to use “future” on any kind of description is here.

Second track “Polo Tee” features P Solja on the mic. Rapper from Leeds, West Yorkshire, who’s been making a name for himself in UK battle rap league. Calm but intense, hypnotize you in seconds. Sarcastic stories about being with a girl and enjoying a spliff or just enjoying the spliff and the hell with the girl. Lenkemz sets the theme, dense beat, delays to make you travel far a way and a trippy melody which keeps in your head for the rest of the day. (note) Can be used in clubs or shamanic ceremonies.

Came Here to Beat”  have some real mind blowing electronic elements and dark bass lines, subliminal girls´s moaning and if you even ask yourself if this can get more nasty, well say holla to track 3. Bouncy 4×4 instrumental track with that garage vibes, perfect to lose control over any muscle. Watch out for Lenkemz and an upcoming EP slated for Mad Decent’s Jeffree’s soon.


Meanwhile Lenkemz dropped some  freebies for the fans. One track produced last year with Derek Dja Allen aka Mad Decent’s in house engineer.

and 2 instrumentals




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