Jaloo is growing up more and more, day by day. In 2013 release 3 videoclipes, all in one take. Released the Couve Ep and Female & Brega. Now we just can wait for a Album. There isn’t any more thing to do.Wait, there is, a conquest remix.

Bai Bai is a cover to Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus. But there is a differente lyric and meaning. Just the melody is the same.

This is one of first production of Jaloo, even if is a cover. No more remixes, no more edits. Now is a new age to Jaloo, and thinking in his own carrear, created this conquest. You can send one version to him, and maybe you can be one of winners.

Who already made a version is Waldo Squash + Luan Rodrigues. This duo is UANA System. A mix of carimbó + tecnobrega + eletromelody.

If you get intereseting in remix Jaloo, click Here.

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