Pearls Negras first came to our attention last summer with their blistering “Bolabo Mixtape” that their production team sent to me and I think we were the first to show it any love.  This was followed up late last year by the even more impressive “Biggie Apple Mixtape”. For us, it was at that point that we knew something special was happening here. There’s something about this whole thing that is screaming out major success is likely to be inevitable in some parts of the world.

The group are backed up by their sterling production team consisting of Yo! Majesty and Dominique Young Unique producer Dave Alexander and Yanimal from London’s I.R.O.K.  The three girls, aged 15-17, are childhood friends and met each other in Rap workshops by Jackie Brown of the local Nós do Morro theater in the Favela Vidigal (Rio de Janeiro) a couple of years ago.  Their preference is for fast, aggressive hip hop beats matching their energy charged performances (they have been described as the female Beastie Boys): “When the girls came to their first shows, everybody was waiting for something like [Brazilian pop star] Xuxa” says Jackie, who is a rapper from Vidigal that developes and manages the girls. “But when they started to sing they ignited the audience” she says “They really become who they are when they go up on stage.” The group is currently crashing through the city’s clubs. They have a really raw and unique sound like a female version of the Beastie Boys or a Brazilian TLC.

They’re planning to come over to Europe this April/May and so if you’re up for booking them please contact:

[email protected]

Here’s their current 10 hot tracks:

10. Cartel MC’s -Eu & Você

9. Projota – Até o Final

8. Mv Bill – Soldado Do Morro

7. Kmila CDD – Causa e Efeito

6. Beyonce – Diva

5. Criolo – Duas de Cinco

4. Banda 3030 – Tudo Que Ela Quer

3. Flora Matos – Pretin

2. Ramonzin – Se Ela Soubesse

1. Drake – Headlines

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