I keep on mentioning that we use to post Tarraxinha here when we didn’t even know what it’s actual name was. DJ Terrivel was one of those artists we were completely enthralled by after having discovered his stuff on the brilliant Kuduro Podmatic site.

Back in 2009, we described his stuff as thus:


This other cut by DJ TERRIVEL sounds more like ‘normal’ kuduro, but again, slowed down to a crawl and heavy on the percussion..


What a strange blend again. Love Kuduro? Kuduro Ballads?

You can go back to that original post HERE.

Well, we were reminded of him and about just how brilliant some of his stuff is when someone uploaded a bunch of his tracks onto soundcloud because they love him too.

No-one knows who DJ Terrivel is though and before you start, no it’s not ME lol. But I know one man who will know the answer 🙂

The selections below include the 2 tracks (as above) that we previously blogged almost 5 years ago.  The guys didn’t enable downloads though but don’t worry you know UMB’s your Daddy, see below after the tracks.

Don’t sleep on these, they are missing gems:

And because UMB’s your Daddy, you can download some DJ Terrivel and other great Tarraxinha oldies HERE but I’m afraid they’re all only in 96KBPS, the same problem we had all those years ago!

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