Banginclude has been around in the Trans Bass scene for a few years now and I first came across him when he submitted a track for our New Wave of Moombahton Compilation which we released around 2011 I think. His track did stand out for me and I was expecting really big things from him but then he went quiet for a little while until he re-exploded onto the Zouk Bass scene.

He is one of those producers who really does try and do his homework on music that he attempts that come from different places. He does his research and tries to understand the culture and music and usually gets it right.

He is pretty unassuming and humble and I guess he doesn’t push his name as hard as some other producers but he is quietly creeping into the top bastion of Trans Bass producers purely on the quality of his music and I can’t really seeing him doing any wrong.

I reckon he’s gonna be pretty massive soon and so do the right thing and check him out because you’ll find quality, innovation and a unique sound design that is simply him.

Great new track he dropped today, I’ll let him explain it below:

Fusion of Dominican Dembow and Bmore/Jersey Club w Moombahton elements. Been really feelin both of these genres lately so I wanted to experiment a bit and combine them.


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