Yes, sloshy: a “state of extreme drunkenness that is only reached after mixing prescription pills and alcohol” according to the Urban Dictionary… Today it’s allowed, because the Bomb Diggy Crew, one of the leaders of the transnational bass movement in the Low Countries (alongside GB of course), celebrates the birthday of one of its members, Tommy Tequila!

Sloshy is as mad as its name suggests. It takes the basic vibe of a dancehall riddim and turns into a minimalistic trip with synth bleeps and subtle breaks. After this I never ever wanna hear again that experimental and danceable cannot go together!!

Sloshy is that kinda track that hits as the ultimate ‘surprise drop’, creating a ‘dafuq’-wave through the crowd and the next moment the whole dancefloor goes ape!

Grab the tune for free!

And, like the description says, “please enjoy responsibly..”

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