Tarraxo Luv Beats is one style of Tarraxo that I’m basically totally in luv with after having dedicated 3 mixtapes to the stuff. It’s the softer, romantic side of stripped down Kizomba, usually instrumental, melodic and very sensual, dreamy and sexy.

Now, this new release from Photo Romance perfectly captures the essence of Tarraxo Luv Beats. It’s a phenomenal EP and every track is so damn good.

It’s an EP by a Senegalo-French DJ/producer who delved into a lot of Moombahton immediately before this EP but I think he finds his forte with this new sound which seems to be growing like crazy in Europe in the last year.

Photo Romance ain’t no stranger to this blog though as his musical history is rooted in the Booty Bass, Juke and Ghettotech scenes, as Marvy Da Pimp—co-founding Booty Call Records in 2007. We use to blog loads of Marvy Da Pimp in the early days of this blog and it’s fitting that he makes a return to our hallowed and historical pages on our 5th anniversary.

Stand outs for me are the gorgeous “Tarraxinha em meu Coracao” -oof it’s so damn good – and “Tarraxo Club”.   The whole EP is just magnificent and a lot of this EP is bound to go on my next Tarraxo Luv Beats Volume 4 mixtape!

We have an exclusive free download for you of one of the tracks, thanks to the label:

Photo Romance – Ela Gosta

This is just Zouk Bliss:

Vibes, groove & love: these three words perfectly resume the mood of this EP. Senegalo-french DJ/producer Photo Romance perfectly masters the codes of the Angolan and Cabo Verdian music, while adding his own personal touch.

Support this release – buy it:

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