You know we got the greatest of respect for DJ Ripley, she has such a beautiful mind, maybe one of the most intelligent minds in this whole damn scene, at least amongst the people we’ve come across. Not only does she have a beautiful mind but she also impeccable taste in music and is a great, great DJ.

She is touring Europe this year and will be in Krefeld Germany July 5, then Italy for the 11-12th July, then Leipzig and Dresden 17-20 and so if you wanna book her around any one of these dates in those countries or others nearby please contact her: [email protected]

This is her new mix and you can read all about it below.

Ripley is a Dj who lives in Brooklyn NY, is a Member of Dutty Artz, a founding member of Suryadub & voted “Best Dance DJ of 2008” by the readers of the SF Bay Guardian. A legal ethnographer with a PhD from UC Berkeley Law School, She is on the advisory board of Studio Rev and currently teaching part-time at Rutgers & Brooklyn College. She’s also a public speaker, available for guest lectures, panel discussions, presentations and workshops.

In other words Ripley is a music connoisseur and she backs this up with the excellent session she has prepared for Etoro Records.

I am very excited to welcome Ripley to the Etoro family and to start the 2014 sessions series with her, this has been something we’ve been talking about for a while (to have her doing a session) and finally it has materialised.

With her session Ripley is taking us to multiple places in the world, going from one to the other at raging speed but always with that party vibe that characterises her dj sets.

As supposed to last year when we were releasing a new session every week, in 2014 the sessions will be released monthly. Let’s start this year of sessions with the talented Miss Ripley all the way from Brooklyn representing bad ass female dj’s, the Dutty Artz fam and the Amazing music that people creates around the world.

Best wishes for this year!
Turn it up and turn lose!
Best vibes!
Isa GT x

1. Alkoan baladi الكون بلدي – Débruit & Alsarah
2. Want You Now (Dj SS & EQ Remix) – D’Cruze
3. Carpenter (Kush and Lukeino Jungle Mix) – Gappy Ranks
4. Born Shotta – Cobra Krames & Max Klaw
5. El Tra – Happy Colors & Hammo Sung
6. Running – Stereotyp
7. Play for me (Jujujuke Edit) – Adewale Ayuba / Dj Zhao
8. Levels (Funana Remix 2013) – DZC Deejays ??
9. Oh my (Tweet remix) – Dirty Little Toaster & Dj Tuco
10. Eff – Fay-Ann Lyons
11. Toma Que Toma (Milangeles Remix) – Daniel Haaksman
12. Baile Tra – Rizzla & False Witness
13. Isla de Flores – Atrampamboril
14. African iPhone – Beauty Brain
15. È Duro (Ertu Denli + Pushking Noize Remix) – Gato Preto B’Crazy
16. [[Malewa – Fofando & Saborosa]]
17. Top Cat (Voodoo Rebel rmx) – The Clerk
18. Dominican Ha – False Witness
19. XatalaBumba – Cabo Snoop
20. O Babo – Dj Ketchup
21. Santo Diablo – Cabo Blanco
22. M’Bongi (Mation Refix) – Lusito Quintero
23. Sueños de Marimba (Bumps’ Trappist Funk remix) – Cocotaxi
24. Abeti Masikini (Dj Reaganomics remix) – Minvela
25. Sonora (Udachi Remix) – Johnny Love
26. Tragito de Ron – Chocolate Puma & Gregor Salto
27. Damelo – Chimbala ft. La Insuperable
28. Oxum – Motin ft. Jack Smillin
29. Esto es Candela (Beat Laden remix) – Sexteto Tabala
30. Wuk Up [Full Throttle Riddim] – Inches
31. Maddest Thing [Full Throttle Riddim] – Alison Hinds & Mr. Dale
32. Daydi Oshiq – Go’zal Shaydo***** 127
33. Je Ne Bois Pas Beaucoup (Jamnights ‘In Zaire’ Remix) – Les Ya Toupas du Zaire
34. Bashment Wine – Kush Arora
35. Yo No Fumo – Omega El Fuerte
36. Bonina (Uproot Andy remix) – Siba e A Fuloresta
37. Cerveja (Chaikov Remix) – JSTJR
38. Martinete Sultán Feat. José Mendez – Los Timbres

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