Kobe Louis Leesmans

Seems he has never been discussed here on GB before, a Belgium Dj with a passion and affinity for global bass music.

Meanwhile he’s been playing at multiple venues all around the world, whilst  travelling, he got inspired to other music genre’s he later used as an asset for his sets. He also was former member of the Tsiganisation Project. They are one of the people who put effort into bringing global bass music to a much greater audience. Though he isn’t a part of this duo anymore, he still strives for the same goal. Doing so by blending the more hyped tracks with the still-to-be-recognized sounds.

So recently he has made a new mixtape. And as the title of this post reveals, Munchi is fond of it. He commented quickly once the mixtape was online. If you’re wondering what the title defines, you’ll going to have to look it up yourself. We won’t discuss that here.

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