An artist we’ve admired for some time and this is a great preview mix of what’s coming from his forthcoming album.

Truly Transnational in all respects, Arabian, Balkan, Indian, Caribbean and so much more.

Something to really look forward to.


FutureWorld is genre bending, multicultural, and forward thinking aural journey that defines the Rhythm & Culture sound. Furthermore, Blondet’s project highlights his production sensibilities and widespread vision garnered by the multitude of influences living in the nation’s capital. His impeccable ability to mesh melody with infectious rhythms makes this a dance release as well as an insurmountable task in itself.

FutureWorld blends together Jamaican toasters with Indian musical traditions, fusing harmoniously within a landscape of swirling synthesizer lines over a terrain of modern dance rhythms (Chan Ve). Gentle Spanish vocals float alongside cinematic Middle-Eastern melodies (Un Amor) evoking images of streaming water flowing from a fountain in an ornate Andalusian palace. Blondet, playing the roles of artist, producer, and curator achieves this hybrid by carefully selecting a host of vocal collaborators including reggae legend Monsoon, Carol C (of SiSe), Tina M, and French vocalist Leyla Chatti. Blondet’s creative collaborators also include Kiran Ghandhi (of M.I.A.) who played percussion on Curry Flava and Croatian musician, Fillip Novosel, with whom he teams up on Savo Vodo, resulting in powerful Baltic vocals and virtuosic musicianship. Combined with Blondet’s DJ-friendly beats, the result is a statement of how small the world has truly become.

Item Number/SKU: RNC027CD
Label: Rhythm & Culture Music
Genre: Electronic-World
Release Date: 03.04.2014

1. Chan Ve

2. Un Amor

3. Check One

4. Dil Da Jani

5. Beyond the Balkans

6. Tu Va Partir

7. Curry Flava

8. Savo Vodo

9. In This World

10. Dil Da Jani Reprise

11. Supreme Dub

12. Son of Fakir

13. In This World Dub


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