Our dude Zakee, who joined the Art section of our team a few months ago has just released this very powerful short movie that was premiered on the IndieWire blog.

This is really potent stuff and here’s what they say about it:

Philly song-writer, producer and artist, Zakee, known for his fantastic blends of electronic, afro-beat, hip-hop, punk, and World music, is premiering his short film for the single Tippin, ahead of this spring’s release of his forthcoming sophomore LP Rise Of The Rebels: Assimilations.

Described as a musical journey through Colombia, South America, Tippin features children from Tierra Bomba, an island off the coast of Cartagena inhabited by descendants of enslaved Africans. Serving as a message of empowerment, Tippin takes on heavy subject matter like addiction, injustice and love.

As the artist, inspired by his connection with the Afro-Colombian community in Tierra Bomba, states: “Tippin describes the moments in my life where I almost reached a breaking point. I wanted to contrast that imagery with messages of empowerment that would hopefully reach people with similar challenges, even The Tierra Bomba Boys. Tippin, gives a glimpse of the people of Tierra Bomba, their real lives, work and struggles.”

Zakee is releasing Tippin as a bonus visual to his forthcoming LP Rise of the Rebels: Assimilations. The new album features a more alternative sound (see the album’s first single Mountain Dreams), Tippin is a nod to Zakee’s Philly hip hop roots, juxtaposing strong visuals and positive messages with the heavy lyrical content of the song itself.

The triple threat’s debut album as an artist, Assimilations, was awarded accolades such as “Top 20 Debut Albums of 2011” by MTV iggy, along with outstanding reviews from The Boston Globe, Okayplayer, NPR, and many more.

Below, S&A premiers Tippin, ahead of Zakee’s follow-up to that award-winning LP, his sophomore album, Rise Of The Rebels: Assimilations.

By the way, Zakee also contributed to the soundtrack for Victoria Mahoney’s feature debut, Yelling To The Sky.

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