We’ve covered snippets of the Death Metal scene in Angola in the past with a post about the documentary “Death Metal Angola” and the Angola Rocks Festival.


Well, we got some new stuff now and I was given the heads up by the same dude who has been giving us the heads up about new musical developments in Angola since we started this blog, the one and only Toke!

He has another podmatic site (previous one being Kuduro) being set up about Rock In Angola.  It’s in its early stages of construction at the minute but keep an eye on it.  It’s called “You Failed.  Now We Rule” and it’s aim is to showcase the Rock Catalogue of Cube Records label.


CUBE RECORDS is a Benguela label belongging to Carlos Bessa, a portughese resident in Benguela and feroceous metal rock fan, who helps alsp the Sonia Ferreira childrens Huambo Rock Festival.

Here’s some cuts from it:

This first track features a female vocalist FIONA with a kind of Avril Lavigne Teen Rock vibe with some Death Metalness thrown in for good measure!

This second track is by Before Crush called “Celebrar” and for me it harks back to early 80’s Iron Maiden and Yngwie Malmsteen with dashes of Metaliica and Faith No More.

More Maideness with this third track by Dor Fantasma:

Next up we have “Horde Of Silence” with Carnivorous Wound”

Finally, this track starts off sounding like Radiohead before it descends into Death Metal heaviness:


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