This week, Walmer Convenience announced that baile funk is totally back in the game. First-hour followers of the transnational bass movement can testify that funk is, even more than cumbia or balkan beat, the mother of all global music crazes. Generation Bass did not yet exist and the first generation of music websites, DJs, journalists and trend-bobos  jumped on this raw, vibrant and sensual Brazilian interpretation of mami bass. But it never became massively big outside of Brazil and Brazilian communities abroad.

Why? Good question. But the point is, it may have been outside of the global focus for a while. It has never declined in Brazil. Not at all, it’s only grown bigger, being THE single dominant national sound for at least two generations now, in spite of government attempts to repress it. And now São Paulo has embraced the sound and added its own flavour to it, its march to success seems pretty solid. And Nosiey’s introduction of funk’s downtempo cousin rasterinha was just the final push that removed the cork from the bottle.

The moral of the story is that funk has stayed in the game because it was local. International attention like Lil Jon’s Machuka featuring funk legend MC Catra and Mulher Filé in 2010 didn’t really change anything. Seems as if the core of the scene just didn’t care. And that the local funk culture was so strong that the artists didn’t ever NEED to care either..

That is why I am also optimistic about cumbia, which does not just have one scene tied to one city, but many scenes in many different cities, none of which seems to disappear any time soon. In fact, with many 3balleros now moving (back) into cumbia, it’s getting even stronger. This week again I was amazed by the amount of music that appears in a week. And I’m convinced that what I’m sharing with you every week is not even the tip of the iceberg of everything that’s there.

There were 3 mixtapes this week which are again the best examples of the diversity and endless amount of nu-cumbia.

Dj Caution uploaded this massive mix with many of the newest bass & dancehall oriented cumbia! Dedicated SSC fans will recognise many tunes that have been prominently featured here..

I didn’t know the Mexican dj-remixer Kuko Selekta before I started preparing for this post and discovered this mixtape when wandering around my cumbia network on the lookout for new stuff. What I love about this mix is that it moves smoothly from cumbia-bass, edited classics, ‘pop-cumbiaton’, ‘urban cumbiaton’ and even some moombahton.. I love to see the scene moving in the direction of integrating these different styles !

The creative multi-genre artist damo Naimad from Argentina takes a different approach. This absolutely delicious mixtape is less dancefloor-oriented than the other two but precisely for that reason brings the deep, dreamy and oh-so-noiresque vibes of dub and experimental digital cumbia. More than anything else, this mixtape shows why I can never get enough of digital cumbia!

Let’s move on quickly to the new releases.

This EP actually deserves an individual place on the blog but since it was all cumbia I decided to give it as much love as possible by opening with it! These 4 tracks are the result of a collaboration between two well known figures from the digital cumbia scene: Sonido Mamalón and Sonora Rumbatron. It doesn’t take much alcohol to mix up their names. The result is an EP called ‘Sonido Mamatron’ released a couple of days ago on the netlabel Especimen Tropical, which combines the best of both artists in the musical sense as well! The third track is a remix by Sigsonbia and the final track a cumbification of a hiphop song featuring rapper Carlos Shega..

This week there were again many excellent single track releases as well.

Yelram Selectah is back with his unique crazy style that we’ve been missing for a couple of weeks. Ever wondered what it sounds like when a cumbia starts to burn..? Press play and you’ll know!

Henry Henry cumbiafied this new, raw and underground Mexican rap song by Anduan: Causando Terror!

Tribilín Sound showed himself a humble artist this week. The description of this amazing tune reads ‘just a shitty demo’.. Generation Bass thinks ‘brilliant banger’ is a more accurate description..!

This wonderful track deserves some special attention as well. It is a collaboration between the Chilean producer Daniel Klauser (under the pseudonym 1991), an established name in the transnational bass scene, and vocalist/alround cumbia artist Arun Ruz (Arun y la Cumbia). ‘Mis Antepasos’ (‘My Ancestors’) is best described as melancholic yet warm-blooded Andes-dub.

Remember the great mixtape from Regional Label I posted a couple of weeks ago (in fact, I’ve been posting many great mixtapes from Regional Label but still..) ? Most of the tracks in it were from the talented alround musician Argentinean musician Barda. In fact when I posted the mixtape I didn’t know him yet but in the mean time I managed to trace him. Here is a new great track he is working on.. but I think nobody will mind that I’m showing some love here already!

More than one track who deserves the honour of being this week’s ‘surprise’. I discovered an amazing artist from Paraguay: FeroZMonas, who’s got a list with some serious transnational sounds, accompanied by a healthy dose of bass. This is his newest track, only two days old.. I absolutely love the 8-bit inspired experimental vibe !

The other surprise came from the band Los Cumbiadelics, who released this energetic protest-inspiring song ‘Cumbia Revolution’ in collaboration with Lion TrueJose Luis Carballo!

Thirdly, I was nicely surprised by this cumbification of Vybz Kartel’s ‘School‘, by the Boston based remixer Fuzzy Fotch!

Kuto Quilla Selektah delivered the necessary oldschool hiphop grooves for this week, with a cumbification of House of Pain’s Put Your Head Out!

And also Arturo Herrera chose for oldschool hiphop and fused it with classical colombian sounds! Double nostalgic and very nice !!

And Mashup Mexico teamed up with Club de Baile CD M for this energetic and little crazy musical tribute to the 70s Mexican comedy jewel Calzonzin Inspector..

This great cumbia-dub tune is Exta Machine Mx‘s tribute to Henry Henry‘s Décimas del 76 EP that we promoted here a couple of months ago..

The Madrid-based project Cholofoniks added some subtle extra dance-drive to this already very passionate Colombian classic from Lucy Gonzales con el Combo de los Galleros.. Wepa !!

It’s amazing to see each week how the Colombian classics remain the major source of inspiration for by far most edits that are made and samples that are used. Here is another one fine example, uploaded less than a day ago by La Epidemia de la Cumbia!

The list is quite long already but we’ve got some more great stuff that I have to share.. El Infamoso Dj Gecko is back this week with new a new example of his specialty, ‘kumbias editadas’.. ‘Kumbia de la Selva’!

And Dj Jona fuses balkan samples and downtempo Mexican cumbia grooves in this great tune: ‘Kumbia de los Tangos’!

‘Quejambroso’ is a Spanish word originally reserved for slightly annoying, hungry kids that beg their parents for food. But as you grow older, it gets a different meaning. ‘La Quejambrosa’, ‘The Hungry, Begging Girl’ is a classic sonidera theme and Loquera Tradición added some passionate bass sounds for extra bedroom fire.

Rapper Superstar Guess is more explicit in this urban-cumbia track, produced by Dj Rage.

Most of the music that we see comes either from Mexico or from Argentina.. and also Colombia, Peru and the US are well represented. I’m happy to be able to blog stuff from a country where I definitely want to dive deeper into, music-wise (and anything-else-wise as well..): Guatemala! here two tracks that were released this week by the Guatemala City based nu-cumbia artist Basico3..

This is a live-cumbification he did of the 90s rap song Abarajame from the Argentinean rap formation Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas!

And also this snippetmix from yesterday prominently features new cumbia demos.. something to look forward to !

Now finally, it’s more and more than time for the bangers. Can’t guarantee you’ll see this post anymore before you’ve left to the club but still, no better way to finish such a giga-post than with these two massive remixes..

Orihuela M.S.S. heats up the dancefloor with this cumbia massive version of Make it Bun Dem!!

And Chong X delivers the ultimate encore with this mad mashup of Pon Di Floor and MikkiM & Spee’s We Come Again!!

Next week, Sexxy Saturday Cumbia will come again too..!

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