So i spend my time in trains these days. Train here… train there. Another train again. It’s not so bad except the slight feeling of confinement. Hopefully i have the head filled of questions to pass the time. Why this ? What’s that for ? I’m the kind of guys who can get lost in the process of working out a solution. What matters is the beauty of the question, not the answer.

I have also my music. And recently i got this Beat Garden compilation 3 from Gergaz netlabel. And when it comes to beauty this label is keen on it.

Round bouncing digital droplets falling on the leaves of a pixellized exotic garden.

There’s an atmosphere of nostalgia and cold sweetness contained in the 18 tracks of this compilation.

Last blips of a long gone civilization, or outline of a future not so dark. Thousands of images come to my mind when i listen to the sounds. One thing is sure. It’s beautiful…


GERGAZ celebrates its 5th year with new compilation from the BEAT GARDEN series. As you might expect, the 3rd instalment puts together emerging artists side by side with household names in the world of beats and bass. Aiming to offer a variety of engaging sounds as well as to point out those young talented artists out there, we have gathered 18 tracks for this year compilation that we felt strongest about.

The compilation includes Headshotboyz feat. Dalma Berger, Kelpe, Mute Speaker, FVLCRVM, Oddlogic, Shatter Hands, Yuki Sato, Sina., Fallgrapp, The Black Arrow., sosiego/, Jimmy Pé, KONCH!S, Stratasoul, Nolan House, Broc Berrigan, GLGN, Je$u$ and Jetsam.

Thank you all for getting involved, whether you are on the compilation or not, and making this possible.

From the website.

So this lovely netlabel offers you at the price you want, real good talent, inspired artists, FVLCRVM that we blogged recently and many more to follow such as Jimmy Pé, The Black Arrow, Jetsam, only to name these ones. Enjoy !




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