The man behind the French label Moveltraxx, Big Dope P, is not only the man with the most cool  beard in the music scene but is also the person which you should blame for  bringing the most exciting music to listeners worldwide and specially for  helping in the recent mutations in Hip Hop and House.

Working directly with All Stars or new generation of artists reinventing Footwork, Jersey club, R&B, Ghetto House and all things Ghetto, the French Booty Beats Don keeps drawing the lines of the modern electronic sounds and club music which hopefully is also spreading over all continents.

This time he brings the 6th volume of Da Movelt Posse compilations. Between the  amazing label affiliates (Dj Tameil, Big Dope P, Dj Earl, Ezekiel), special guests (Feadz, MikeQ, The Eternals, Moony, Jayhood, Dj Tim Dolla) , extended family (Kozee, EQ Why, Dudley Slang, BF Hoodrich, Mighty Mark & TT The Artist) and young blood (K Rizz, Dj Fresh, J Heat, Dj Joker) you can discover a new world of music with people committed in respectfully represent their background. So its not a coincidence that people like Buraka Som Sistema, Nightwave, Treasure Fingers, Crookers,  Brenmar, Willy Joy, Ben Mono, Lucid, Wildlife, Flore, Don Rimini,  Niki Belucci, Hickup, Rob Threezy and many more truly support their work.


The album starts situating you on the place and explaining what this is all about. So this is it..all about fun and not giving a shit about media attention. This is Newark, New Jersey and you are listening the union of 2 generations. The old generation represented by the legendary Dj Tameil and 2 of the heroes of the new generation DJ Jayhood e DJ Joker which join forces to create an anthem to the Brick City Club Music.


DJ KOZEE – Let´s Ride

DJ KOZEE keeps the things soulful. Born in an environment where she get exposed to R&B since young age, took  Jaheim “Could It Be” and rapidly we were carried trough a journey at 160 bpm of footwork,  keeping the melody and funky side of it specially in the bass. The synth just gives it the naughtiness you need when you let yourself loose on a travel.



When you unite two French producers committed in put fire on the dance floors with eclectic Hip House you can´t say you have not been warned for what comes this way. “Get Wild” track is just what the title says, energetic, bouncy  and strangely gives you a suddenly need to dance like crazy. B-More influences  are explicit without being obvious and the French Touch adopts a new meaning with such dirty synths.


DJ EARL – Drugged Out

The new generation of Chicago couldn’t have a better artist to represent the sound. Dj Earl brings the footwork madness with inflammable vocals and an amazing synth line that remembers the  best slice of Ghetto House,  now in a  lot more sophisticated treatment. Unbelievable how the groove of the bass never left in the whole track.


MOONY – Bheave

This is for what UK stands for, amazing and unpredictable music. From times to times some producer rescues explicit acid melodic elements and blend it with UK Garage and House  in a superb way that i believe this have been bending and melting some walls in clubs. At this point you just realize that this compilation is like a pharmacy. It have all you need.


MIKEQ & J HEAT – Picasso Baby Rmx.

MikeQ picks Jay Z´s Picasso Baby. The New-School of the Ballroom club scene makes the distorted bass set the tone and the whole track is engaged in keeping the 90´s spirit and sound and at the same time  puts the more innovative cut of the modern era of the style with the collaboration of J Heat.


EQ WHY – Bottom

EQ WHY is an influential piece in the evolution of Juke/Fottwork and spreading it to other countries.  Releasing works on DJ Godfathers label, Juke Trax Online and featured on compilations by Planet Mu, presents on Moveltraxx the excellence of the sampling. Keeping very well the vibe of the Queen Chaka Khan´s “Message In The Middle of The Bottom”  and dresses it with amazing fast clothes and a bass appointed directly to those waists.



French producer DUDLEY SLANG shows us a travel through Techno House… and what a travel! Syncopated beat keeps you focused till the end of the song. Disco and Electro hues just to let you untie yourself and enjoy the mesmerizing work.


MIGHTY MARK & TT  THE ARTIST – Dreaming In The Club

Look who Moveeltraxx call to this party directly from Baltimore. Yes the man himself : Murder Mark, now  as Mighty Mark after that explosion on the DJ booth that knocks Murder Mark unconscious and transformed him on a super hero.  For all those bitching, here is the answer. Mighty Mark is hotter than never and great collaborations make him stronger so TT THE ARTIST joins the fun.


K RIZZ – Unbothered

To be honest i don´t know much about K Rizz but this track gave me all i need to keep an eye closer to this newcomer. Coming from New York City where she has been playing shows with the likes of Fools Gold Records and Danny Brown, is finally premiering  her first single to the world via the Moveltraxx DMP6.  “Unbothered” is not here to fool anyone, is strictly House-Disco influenced and the voice of K Rizz,  between the Pop and Soul,  have the power to stay in your head for hours and don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing it next days. Love the 90´s synth vibe of it.


BF HOODRICH – In They Face

BF Hoodrich is an old collaborator of Moveltraxx and brings what he knows to do best. Beats with dark atmospheres. Something between almost-gothic melodies and bumping Trap & Bass. Definitely rocking with this.


DJ TIM DOLLA – Aquafina

DJ Tim Dolla took Trina´s ” I’m Back” and spicy it with the granted flavor of  New Jersey. Brick Bandits Crew in the house baby. Don’t need to say more.


THE ETERNALS – Headless Dancers

Dirty Ali And Funky Farid, the French duo behind The Eternals, are a trully machine to make you groove. Headless Dancers is a track full of spacey Funky rhythms and a soulful beat and sugary melodies. Lovely.


EZEKIEL – Tecnica

Ezekiel puts on the speakers all the elements to do a ritual with Aleister Crowley. Dark and dense beats, hypnotic and trippy,
as i would say thrill as fuck. Great track.


DJ FRESH – Talk That Talk Remix

Dj Fresh joins very well the team. Maintaining the Club feeling and adding the bass music elements like only him can do to Rihanna´s Talk That Talk. Bad part is that it gives you only a little taste, leaves you with that strange feeling that it could went on a straight Techno-House vibe after the 2:38.


Exclusive Download: Mighty Mark – Get Pumped In The Club (Feat. Porkshop)

Grab Moveltraxx #DMP6


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