You know we love our percussion over here at Generation Bass, well we have something which is pretty percussive now and pretty damn long too. It stretches to over 10 minutes and it’s called Drumdrumdrum!!

It’s by an artist from Lithuania who is presently residing in Berlin.

Here’s what he says about Drumdrumdrum:

“My vision is a rather different approach to beat making, going beyond the traditional 909/808 drumset and dominating bassdrum. I want to get to the same or even superior amount of energy in the track ‘ by only using percussional drum sounds and no electronic bassdrums at all. Hence triple ammount of drum”

Could it catch on? Quite possibly, I can definitely imagine it getting clubbers going a little crazy and it likely to go down well at Festivals too.  I mean I have played lengthy percussive pieces during my Arabic Dj days and it use to go down a storm.

Check it:

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