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It’s Valentines Day and we couldn’t have hoped to drop anything more beautiful and romantic than this now classic and timeless EP.

It is out now in all Digital Stores worldwide.

Bison is one of our most exciting discoveries in recent years and a name to watch in 2014 and beyond. This guy puts the “Purple Wow” into Tarraxo!!!

Here’s what Okayafrica had to say about him:

Bison is an Angolan-born, Lisbon-raised young producer crafting trot-pace beats in the style of tarraxinha — a stripped and slowed-down take on Angolan kizomba that focuses on the rhythm and percussion of the track, rather than it’s song and vocals. Bison’s 5-track Wave Of Tarraxinha EP runs through different shades of the genre: from the brooding highlight “O Demonio Do Tarraxo,” which sheds light on a brand new use of G-funk synthesizers, to the fuzzed-out bass on “Future Tarraxo.”

Here’s what The Fader said:

“Bison is able to maintain the tarraxinha groove, people who dance tarraxinha can get down to his beats. I inadvertently tested it on my girlfriend, who enjoys dancing kizomba, and immediately demanded I put this song on her phone seconds after I started playing it”

Here’s what we say:

Generation Bass presents Bison: “The Wave of Tarraxinha EP”

Tarraxo, Tarraxinha, Zouk, Zouk Bass, Kizomba, Ghetto Zouk and Cabo Love. Those genres, those names only mean so much, but what does matter is that a whole new wave of young African producers and talent in the African Diaspora has come to light. Those who have been following Generation Bass the last couple of years know what we are talking about. As our search for that perfect beat continues, we’ve been bumping into a LOT of mid tempo music from Africa. And we’ve unearthed a landslide of new percussion driven music that is begging for a western club audience. Our latest lump of gold is this truly awesome EP by a young guy called DJ Bison.

DJ Bison aka Felisberto is 23 year old. He was born in Benguela, Angola and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. He started producing music in 2008 and names the godfather of Angola’s Kuduro scene, DJ Znobia as his main influence. Znobia is not only credited as one of Kuduro’s most prolific producers, but his slower Tarraxinha stuff has made quite the impact as well. That’s also the current genre name Bison and other younger producers are using. Musically it’s a stripped down version of Kizomba, with a clear focus on the rhythms and percussion and less about the song and vocals. That’s also the offering on this great EP.

The five cuts on here all show the forward thinking, modern take on Kizomba and Zouk.

The EP kicks of with the clicky kicks of “O Demonio Do Tarraxo”, a moody take on the genre with dark brooding strings and an almost g-funk melody line. Pure and uncut awesomeness!

The second cut is “My Love” which reminds us almost like the dreamy quality some of the Coco Bryce tracks have. A deep kick and snappy reverbed claps keep it minimal and give it that hip hop, head bop feel for long night time drives.

Next is “Ghetto Tarraxo”, which is all percussion and the same sluggish strings. The melody gets dropped in that synthy pan flute sound we all used to hate on in the 80’s, but is def back in the audio palette since deep house made its comeback.

“Future Tarraxo” sounds like a cross between a Miami Vice soundtrack and something you’d imagine gets played at a big city club where superstars hang out. Opposing melodies and great warped drive on this one.

The last cut is “Dangerous Tarraxo” which sounds like a next generations “Moments in Love”. Lush and warm sounds, clear and bright percussion and all-round great cinematic feel. This cut has got it all!

If this EP is anything to go by, the future of music is indeed firmly rooted in its percussive past. But it brings something new to the table. Modern, beautiful production and deep, resonating beats. This is the African Diaspora at its very best. This is the sound of Dj Bison!

Artwork by Miguel Afonso aka Squareffekt.

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Artist Dj Bison
Album Title The Wave of Tarraxinha
Genre Tarraxinha
Release Date 14.02.2014
Description EP
Tracklist1.O Demonio do Tarraxo
2.My Love
3.Ghetto Tarraxo
4.Future Tarraxo
5.Dangerous Tarraxo
Download storesJuno
Streaming servicesSpotify

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