Sometimes I get the impression that it has become fashionable to despise Valentine’s Day. It’s commercial, it’s cheesy, it’s not real. That kinda stuff. Sure, if you’re in a relationship already you may buy a bunch of roses or go out for dinner, as long as you don’t take it too seriously. But if you’re single and in love, revealing your feelings on the 14th of February is definitely not the smartest thing to do. A lesson that I learned.

Personally though, I love anything cheesy. Truly, the cheesier the better. That’s why I prepared an extra cheesy Sexxy Saturday Cumbia for you guys. After all, it´s not exactly the 14th anymore..

What would be a better way to open than with megamixes of the most romantic mainstream cumbia of all time!

The first mix are tunes from the 90s Mexican band Los Bybys, known perhaps more than every other cumbia band for their velvet-soft, honey-sweet love songs.

And here another cumbia-love-pop collection with mostly 90s stuff, complete with precisely the sort of pictures that are the sole cause of people’s most aversive feelings towards Valentine’s Day. Haters gonna hate, I like this stuff..

There was actually less Valentine-themed nu-cumbia than I hoped for, but here I found a nu-sonidera tune from Dj Citlali, who adds some porn sounds for extra love-making inspiration.

Whether or not you managed to get through the cheesy part of the post, it’s more than time to move on to the fresh tunes and mixtapes!

This week it was Dany F‘s turn to release a mixtape on Regional Label‘s soundcloud channel. This mix is an excellent example of Dany’s unique deep-tropical approach to cumbia, dembow and champeta and features a wide variety of artists, including DJ Orion, Uproot Andy and Christian S! 

But my favourite mix of today is ‘Noisy Botas’, from which appeared this week on underground Latin label KONN Recordings. The Cologne-based Mexican dj-producer Sonidero Sin Dinero invites you to dust your pointy boots and put them to use with the grooves of nu-cumbia, moombahton and 3ball, which seemlessly flow together in this energetic mix.

Then there was this very traditional cumbia mix from the French tropicalist Zajazza, which he wants you to listen.. “Oiga!!”

Le Ronca Records is an Argentinean netlabel for transnational bass which can be proud of a number of excellent EP’s it from important producers like Tropikore, 2irie and Reptillian Commander. This week they released this banger from Ray Ibiza freaturing Tropikore!

And with Dengue Dengue Dengue and Los Reyes de la Milanga we’ve got a collaboration of two other heavyweights of the digital cumbia scene. This powerful tune is mainly ‘lento’ with a delicious cumbia-part in the middle.. enjoy!

We saw Dj Caution last week with a mixtape. Now he is back with two new tunes. The first one is an edit of a classic from Aniceto Molina, adding some extra dance drive with accentuated kicks..

The second one, ‘Definition’ is a powerful cumbia-bass banger in which samples play only a supportive role!

Cumbia-psychonaut Tu Guaina made an even more powerful track. ‘Diabolica’ is dark cumbia, spiced up with delicious, industrialistic synths, an almost punk-style 4/4 beat and subtle breaks.

And the Venezuelan digital cumbiambero 420 Selektah tagged these 3:34 minutes of excellent cumbia-bass grooves as a teaser.. which means more of this great stuff can be expected. We’ll keep you updated !

This cumbification of Serko Fu‘s Digitos by El Catorce is a track that I should have blogged last week.. Never too late to enjoy some nice cumbia-hiphop!

The Swedish dj-remixer Jallallalacumbia also did some cumbia hiphop this week, spicing up a chicha song from the band Tongo y su Grupo Imaginación with a bouncy oldskool hiphop beat.

The surprise of this week came from the Ukrainean transnational bass producer DERBASTLER who did this absolutely delicious, psychedelic cumbiaton track ‘Foggy Dawn’, in collaboration with Cocoon (with whom he forms the duo Chord Snatchers..)!

These two tracks from the Colombian transnational bass producer Beepolar are not strictly cumbia but rather ‘pacifico’, the sound of Colombia’s Pacific west-coast. The first one is a remix of the traditional song ‘Botella Vasito‘, performed by the amazing pacifico-band Grupo Guajo!

The second one is a remix of Calentura from the Colombian rap formation Choc Quib Town!

And cumbia-dub master Dj RAYO did this extra-rebajada dub edit, for the dub fans!

There were thwo cumbia productions from producers I newly discovered this week.

This first one is from the Argentinean dub-artist Dj Taz, who made this nice track with church bells.. appropriately named ‘Cumbia de las Campanas’: ‘Cumbia of the bells’!

The second one is from the 3ball producer from Jalisco, Tony Martinez, who just released this snippet called ‘cumbia power’. For cumbia purists it might be a disappointment because it’s mainly house, but the intro has got a clear cumbia shaker. For me this qualifies as cumbia-house!

I was looking for some remixes of famous pop-hits for the club-warmup tonight but unfortunately I couldn’t find any.. That’s why I end this week with this excellent creative mashup from Mashup Mexico, which frames Janis Joplin’s legendary prayer for a Mercedes Benz with the passionate cumbia sounds of the Mexican band La Sonora Santanera!

.. and to end with enough club-drive to start your night well, I selected these two ‘urban villera’ bangers, both fresh new releases!

The first one ‘Pibe Bueno’, Argentinean slang for ‘good guy’ (as far as I know, I’m not so familiar with Argentinean Spanish), from Mandale Mecha!

The second, ‘Esta Noche Quiero’ (This Night I Want) from Sonido After has probably been made with its release date, 14 February in mind.. And this sounds as if cumbia villera’s typical vibrating ‘portable keyboard’ leads have made place for more experimental, bass-music inspired sounds.. definitely something to keep an eye on in the future!

And whether yesterday was a cheesy Valentine or just another day.. tonight is a party night, that for sure!

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