Dany F is a virtuoso. I’ve been addicted to his music since the very first time I pressed ‘play’ at one of his tracks labelled ‘deep cumbia’ and I still can’t get enough of it. Dany is a producer who keeps impressing me not only because of his visionary approach to music but also because of the skillful elaboration of his sound. Here is a master at work who truly knows his craft and is an experimenter at the same time.

Travesía MMXIV is the new album he released last week. All 13 tracks are excellent examples of Dany’s specialty: combining the rhythmical grooves of transnational bass with the warm, dreamy sounds of deep house and here and there some acid influences. Groove-wise, some tunes, especially ‘Bumbé Merecumbé’ and ‘Chimichagua’, stay very faithful to Danny’s already classical deep cumbia sound. But the album explores a wider spectrum of rhythms. Also dembow is prominently featured. ‘Adios’ and ‘Basic Guetto Riddim’ are undeniably moombah, while Del Rio is more of the downtempo cumbiaton sort. And ‘San Antonio’, produced in collaboration with Bleepolar, is a deliciously polyrhythmic, pacifico-inspired tune which seamlessly changes between 3ball prehispanico, deep tech-house and a delicious triplet groove.

Travesía, which means ‘voyage’ as well as ‘crossing’, is a marvellous musical voyage into a meditative and hypnotising world, guided by a fantastic album-cover in 17th-century style. At the same time, Travesía is an album that crosses different places and times.

This is the ideal album for personal listening and for the lounge corner. Grab it from the artist’s bandcamp and, if you can, be generous!

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