Zhao dropped a great African Mutant mixtape a few weeks back and now he comes back with this one dedicated to all things Middle Eastern. Being a bit of a Middle Eastern music connoisseur myself, I’ve heard some of the stuff on it before, some I haven’t heard but it’s timeline could be anything between mid-late 80’s through to late 90’s with a smattering of more recent stuff thrown in for good measure too. I know my brother Hossam is on it and although I’ve heard some other stuff I couldn’t remember who it is by.

Def worth exploring and watch out for our Generation Bass ArabTronix Ep that’ll be dropping soon.

Here’s what he says:

A journey worthy of Hassan’s assassins: Islamic Techno, Sufi House, MidEastern Bass, Arabic Electronic Dance Music for mind body and soul.

Zhao just dropped me the tracklist and there’s a heavy dose of Muslimgauze on it, a cult Manchester based artist who was a staunch supporter of the Palestinian cause.

01 Muslimgauze – Basra X Hossam Ramzy – Rhythms of the Nile
02 Rikslyd – Oriented
03 B-Line Brother – Souk Nationala X Maxmillion Dunbar – Casette Arabic
04 Funkineven ft. Fatima – Phoneline (Dauwd Edit) X Muslimgauze – Tuareg
05 Muslimgauze – Pale Elegant Egyptian
04 Unit Moebius – Neutral Mix
05 Hossam Ramzy – Cobra’s Dance (Fallahi Rhythm) X LV – DL Instrumental
06 Kosta Kostov – Mas Gnawa feat. MMbeki and MarcoT (Moroka Remix) X Hossam Ramzy – Rhythms of the Nile X Unknown Bellydance
07 I-Cube – Le Bon Vieux Temps
08 Acid Arab – Theme
09 Omar Souleyman – Nahy (mps PILOT Tweak)
10 Omar Souleyman – – Hefer Gabrak Bidi X Omar Souleyman – Shift Almani (Crackboy Remix)
11 Armando – 151 (Acid Arab Edit)
12 Unknown – Kiewie (Bubbling)
13 Unknown – Who’s the Paki
14 Dj Figo – Unknown
15 Uncertain X Siebert rey – Basem Triomania
16 El Diwan De Las Poetisas X Uncle Bakongo – Makonde
17 Moriphon 07 X Ill Blu – Dragon Pop
18 Muslimgauze – In The Bazaars Of Srinagar, Chuddar Clad Women Speak of Foreigner In Their Midst) X Takaaki Itoh – Slicer (Sleeparchive Remix1)
19 Muslimgauze – Bourj El Barajneh X Clapz II Dogz – Ripgroove
20 Fatima Al Qadiri – Oil Well

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