Born In No-Man's Land

A few posts back I mentioned Stas’s new record label running some time by now. And that their aim is focused on (perhaps mostly instrumental) transnational bass. Guess what they gave us:

These are one of those gems that make me just put everything aside that matters the most in my life at the moment. I have my bed placed next to my window, I can put my headphones on and just glaze out of the window (for an hour or two) while listening. Stas has taken the time to perfect these tracks and that was not that easy at all. Making the most smallest adjustments over a long time, closing in on a perfect mix. Each one has taken him months!

Brace yourself for some Moombahton in the most rare form: deep, tribal and atmospheric.

Another member of the Babylon family is Hataah, he too had this track which he has been spending enormous amount of time on, but now this one is set to go out as well.

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