#KUNQ is my sound! After the massive Isla Toxico EP that we suppored about half a year ago, False Witness is back with a new wave of #KUNQ!! For new readers who don’t know yet what’s a kunq, I recap Fact‘s description from plast year. #KUNQ is a wildly creative, queer-oriented hybrid of club, urban and caribbean sounds with a dark electronic edge, invented and pushed by the #KUNQ collective which includes, next to False Witness, Rizzla & blk.adonis.

‘Balazo’ which means ‘shooting’, is a 3-track EP, tagged as ‘island industrial’. The tag matches the atmosphere of the sound. Drum rolls are again central to the vibe, but compared to the mad euphoria explosion of Isla Toxico, this EP leans much more to the dark and minimalistic side of things. The the tracks are built around basic hardhouse/tek kicks and have short vocal samples as their main lead sound. In vibe, the track ‘Balazo’ is mostly soca-esque and could best be described as ‘dark carnival’. ‘Dip Don’ is pretty much kuduro, with a transition to half-tempo zouk-bass at the end. And the last track is an energetic bubbling remix of ‘Dip Don’ by Dubbel Dutch!

Grab the EP for free and #KUNQ up the dancefloors this weekend!

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