I was turned on to Perfect Lullaby Volume 1 pretty late, like last year, but it’s proven to be one of my all time favourite mixtapes, just pure emotion.  I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve played it.

Nguzunguzu must be credited for recognizing the beauty of Tarraxo and Kizomba way before Zouk Bass was even uttered or thought of and it is this kind of sound that many of us have now started to gravitate towards.

So I’m damn excited to hear this second volume that even takes in some Generation Bass artists like DJ N.K. and Bison and a load of our Afro-Portuguese friends.

Thank u!!!

Dj Fofuxo & Dj Pausas vs. Yuki Koshimoto – Tarracho Exxelentt/ New Moon (MA edit)
Dj Lil Thug vs. Aaliyah – Hot tarraxa/ Dont think they know (MA edit)
Dj N.k – Não Chora Mais Não
Dj Cratera – My girl. My Music
Cassie – Diced Pineapples (NGUZU kizomba remix)
Marbonu – Pura Melodia
Dj tiba – Tarracha Poderoza 2009
Dj Dadifox vs. Ciara – Tarraxo Dueces (MA edit)
Usher Ft. Rick Ross – Let Me See (M&N PRO REMIX)
Nova & Jory – La Noche Perfecta
Chris Brown – Another Round (Phraze zouk remix)
Dj Malcolm – 4 ev
Marques Houston- Clubbin Zouk mix (by N.G productions)
Dj NigGa fox vs. Kelela- Tarraxo HUMBÃ√/ The High (MA edit)
Dj Rick & Dj Lil thug – Saudade Eterna
Dj Salez – Tarracha di nhOs
Dj Bison – Tarraxo Indiano
T Pain – I cant believe it (Peejay Zouk fusion remix)
Dj Malcolm – 14 malo
Rihanna – Diamonds (Kizomba remix by MalcriadoBeats)
Mariah Carey – Touch my Body (Zouk remix by Phraze)
Future – Honest (Zouk remix by Phraze & StyloBeatz)
DJ Joyce Gomes & Revolucion – Choro do Corno
Dj Xocolath – My Song
Mary J Blige – Be without you (NA remix)

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