This is a pretty dope compilation containing a 90’s kinda vibe sound-wise.  As we all know the 90’s is kinda making a comeback in dance circles.

Contains everything from Hip Hop through to Reggae, all with a Hip-Hop undercurrent and also includes the brilliant track “Agamikal” feat. Naufalle, the lead MC/Rapper from the now defunkt awesome French Electro-Hip-Hop band Aiwa.

Check it out below or go and cop it from bandcamp:

‘Take The Chains Off Your Brains – Psychedelic Hip Hop, Funk & Jazz Grooves’ is the 5th compilation coming out on the Paris DJs label. But it’s already the second one dwelving into the complexities of the Hip Hop culture for the Paris DJs Soundsystem crew, after the prized ‘It’s The New Hip Hop Thing’ released in 2009 through the now defunct Vibrations magazine.

After four Afro/tropical compilations released in just 12 months, Paris DJs start exploring some more diverse musical areas. They welcome on board of their musical adventures Paris-based Miska, an unstoppable newcomer in the international Hip Hop scene, starting with the curating of this new selection.

As with many previous Paris DJs works, this record was conceptualized and illustrated before hearing one single note of music. Joining forces, French amazing illustrators Ben Hito and Bernard Bittler have designed a very original retro-futuristic art cover, which was then put online and sent to artists all over the world along with the compilation title/theme… It’s a way of starting at the end of things, which proved to be very inspirational for the producers and musicians who submitted tracks.

The road map was quite precise: Paris DJs were looking for psychedelic hip hop, mind-bending funk & jazz with MCs, consciousness-expanding beatmakers, b-boys & b-bgirl in outer space, artists bringing back the spirit of Edan’s 2005 masterpiece ‘Beauty & The Beat’ and of course raw dancefloor fillers connecting the various strands of hip hop culture!

A LOT of music was sent to the Paris DJs headquarters, up the hill in the soulful north-east of the French capital. Time was spent listening to hours of hip hop or funk beats & tunes, looking out for the most multicoloured ones, and the final selection is one hell of a psychonautic trip, which should see its listeners explore partially charted regions of the super continent of their brain, while their hands will seem to have melted with the reliefs of time.

Reaching for the inner soul, ‘Take The Chains Off Your Brains’ is a listening experience, an act of perception leading to an act of imagination. When psychedelia meets hip hop. Let the magic take your mind.

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