Artwork: ‘Máquina del Tiempo’ by Raúl Cruz

This post has been brooding for a while but with so much new stuff being released over the last weeks it’s more than time to give some massive update of what’s going on in the 3ball scene. The blogs have been very silent about 3ball and its darker cousin ruidosón for at least a year. Since the end of 2012, when the massive hype in North Mexico and Texas began to collapse under its own weight, 3ball has had a bit of a dip. Especially, the scene has been lacking innovation. The once ‘future music’ par excellence even started to get a bit nostalgic, with beginning producers sticking to identical percussion with almost identical synths and identical vocal samples, that have been used at least since 2010. Or they moved to EDM, rap or to more mainstream Latin music.. But some artists have been doing an amazing job at keeping the innovative life-blood pumping around. Time for Generation Bass to show some love for that!

The immediate reason for this post is the amazing performance from the ruidosón band Los Macuanos on the first Boiler Room session in Mexico City, which absolutely blew my mind!! I must say that I haven’t been long enough into transnational bass to have lived the original outburst of ruidosón in Tijuana and other parts of the Mexico-US border so I didn’t know these guys yet but what I found out about this scene was fantastic! I love how they also bring the live element back into electronic music, in a way that kinda reminds me of many industrial/EBM bands. If I hear this, I totally see this this combination of live and electronic make a more solid comeback and absorb influences of moombahton, trap, kuduro, tarraxo/fodencia, baile funk, grime, techno, etc.!!

The other reason for this post is that I am itching to shout out to the young producer duo from Apodaca that is single-handedly innovating 3ball this year: Los Innsurgentes !! Their deliciously grimey, experimental sound comes very close to ruidosón and can definitely connect these scenes. They’ve been active on Soundcloud since half a year now but especially over the last month new amazing tracks have appeared every week! Couldn’t make a proper selection because you just need to hear it all.. Download their tracks for free and add them to your sets!

This immediately gives me the opportunity to share this older track from Siete Catorce, who has always been at the experimental forefront of things, blending sounds in-between ruidosón, 3ball and minimal techno..


A producer who has become almost synonymous with innovating 3ball is obviously Dj Giovanni Rios, who started the Tribal Evolution movement last year. And he’s still going strong with three new releases this month!

One demo..


One original mix..


And a massive remix of ‘Tribal House‘, from Dj Tamalero‘s most recent EP..

And if you haven’t heard it yet, this older banger, featuring Dj Skarley, is another excellent example of the power of tribal evolution!


The Mzk Producer has been trying different sounds including Melbourne bounce and progressive house but innovative 3ball is somethig he always return to, and that’s a good thing because his tunes are always original and fresh. This excellent track, also a collab with Dj Skarley, is his most recent release..

And this one is from two weeks back.. Make sure you also check out the rest of his music!

Like I said in my previous 3ball mega-post, 3ball as a genre has become synonymous with the group 3ball MTY. And 3ball MTY have found their basic sound in catchy, polished pop-songs with live vocalists. Perfect for the radio and for an as wide as possible audience. Which is in itself a good thing. But an even better thing is that this doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped experimenting with innovative sounds. Usually it’s Sheeqo who’s been doing such releases but at the beginning of this year Dj Otto uploaded this great snippetmix that sounds like a preparation for more to come this year..!


Rafael Aragon has been showing love for 3ball since a long time already and even brought the sound to the visionary Hadra Trance Festival in an epic way! This is a delicious 3ball remix of Lechuga Zafiro‘s electro-candombe tune ‘Isla de Flores’ that he did two weeks ago..

This energetic tune from Branko,  a collab with Astronomar and the Melbourne based Ugandan vocalist SK Simeon for Enchufada‘s Upper Cuts Vol.3 compilation may not be 100% 3ball, but it’s obviously close enough to blend in perfectly!

And when I checked out the 3ball groups on Facebook lately, I came across upon this great tune from Maxx Gallo. I can’t get over the fact that I missed this one last year.. Dark, slow, futuristic and with a hint of reggaeton.. It’s a year old but this hasn’t lost its blogging value!

The next important sign that 3ball is making a comeback are the many new and original prehispanico tracks that have appeared over the last months. For quite a while, 3ball was all about the Texan-style crazy bangers, melodic costeño or Latin-pop that sounds almost identical to urban mambo, urban salsa, urban merengue or bachata.. And when somebody did prehispanico it was just a matter of repeating exactly the same clay-flute, rain-cylinder and vocal samples. But not anymore!

Rogelio Huerta is back with a new release that sounds just as good as the tracks for which we’ve always recognised him as a talented producer!

Someone who can definitely join the ranks on par with Rogelio is Alfonso Luna from Monterrey, who’s released as many as four deliciously hypnotising tunes this month only! I’m just sharing them all.. you can grab them for free!





Preparing for this post I also stumbled upon this nice track from Dj Efra, whom I didn’t know before. He’s got quite an extensive list of different flavours of 3ball that is worth checking out and downloading too!


Dj Skarley, who’s been supporting the Tribal Evolution movement big time and even started experimenting with some hardstyle, has been showing love for prehispanico this week and last week with a energetic track and two demos!



This post is focused most on experimental stuff, less on bangers. But that doesn’t mean that nothing worth blogging has happened on the more mainstream, party-oriented side of things. Here a quick selection to prove the opposite!

Luii-G Dj is a producer from Mexico City and a member of the Chilango Beat collective who’ve been releasing many tunes about a year ago. Now he is back with this banger, supported by Dj Tamalero.. and now by Generation Bass too!


Dj Chunti a.k.a. Chunti Nigga from Richmond Texas has been one of the most active 3ball producers all along, continuously releasing new stuff almost every week among which many collabs with other major producers. This massive tune from two weeks ago is just one example of his capacity to make dancefloors go ape!

The next, smooth and chill song must sound a lot like an anti-climax among all these bangers but I couldn’t find another place to fit it in. When preparing for this post I stumbled upon this excellent 3ballisation of Asaf Avidan’s One Day by the Mexico City based producer Parejito. Just couldn’t leave this one out of the post!

Dj Rezno teamed up with Dj Bones, resulting in this promising snippet, which I hope they’ll release as a full track.. It starts out just like any of his usual ‘happy costeño’ tracks, but now spiced up with heavy bass synths!


Another snippet comes from Deejay Lazer, who’s been experimenting lately with harsher lead synths which has an amazingly energetic effect! Definitely wanna hear more of this!

The final snippet is a demo for a crazy, twerk-inspired 3ball tune from Twister Beats!


I’ll finish this post with the OG’s of the scene, who can always count on Generation Bass´ support!

Erick Jaimez, one of my favourite artists for Sexxy Saturday Cumbia, did some 3ball recently, both guarachero and prehispanico.. keeping it basic but good!



Two weeks ago, the moombahton duo Noise Twins released this banger that they made already three years ago. What could be a better start for a solid comeback.. One commenter notes: “fucking fucking awesome, doesn’t feel three years old”.. I couldn’t have said it any better!

El Infamoso Dj Gecko, has produced many great 3ball tunes in the past but recently he’s returned to his first love: ‘kumbias editadas’, which I’m trying to share as often as possible for Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. But whenever he releases a 3ball tune once in a while, it’s as slappin as ever!

I’ve preserved the final single reason for this post for the very end.

The OG of OGs of the scene, who’s been tirelessly putting out fantastic 3ball tunes,  Dj Tamalero, is back this very week with what I’ve already called the festival sound of 2014: a ridiculously massive Tamalero-style 3ballisation of Tito El Bambino’s reggaeton classic: ‘Siente El Boom’ !!

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