When I make a New Year’s resolution, it happens all too often that I think about it again only when realising that I’ve just broken it. Dragging on that cigarette freshly lit cigarette.. A reason why I barely make resolutions anyway. Such a thing happened today, because the only resolution that I made was delivering your weekly cumbia before you go clubbing. But this week it’s going to be a Sunday Edition, cumbia for your slowly recovering hangover stomach..

We’ve got four mixtapes this week. I’m sharing all of them with you because, well, three of them are again perfect examples of the different flavours of nu-cumbia that I want to give equal attention.

But the one I’m starting with deserves some extra attention because, since I’ve been blogging for Generation Bass I’ve been hoping to share music from the El Freaky Collective, the Bogotá based leaders of the transnational bass movement in Colombia! This week they delivered a diverse mixtape in which many different Afro-Caribbean flavours are represented: dancehall and soca and roots reggae alongside cumbia, champeta, zouk bass and moombahton!!

That also gives me the opportunity to share this excellent remix (which I missed, a month ago..) of the cumbia classic Festival en Guarare!

Dj Neir from the Basque Country did this fantastic warm-blooded mix with a lot of melodic stuff with a vintage touch, spiced up with cumbia, 3ball and dembow rhytms and a couple of delicious electronic sounds here and there! The perfect mix to make you forget that another week of work is only a night of sleep away!

I’ve been blogging the mixtapes from Regional Label on an almost weekly basis and with such nice new work appearing every week this will probably remain so for quite some time to come. This mix with mostly cumbia-dub edits is created by Dj Murúa for the Barcelona based transcultural radio channel Radio Bipolar FM.. enjoy some nice, chilled out cumbia!

I discovered this energetic mix from ftvtropicalbeats, also based in Spain, shortly before I wanted to publish this post, just in time to insert it here. Fans of dancefloor oriented cumbia will love this!

Last week I posted the original banger ‘La Cumbia Fidget’ by Tropikore and Ray iBiza but a day after I posted it, Le Ronca Records released this absolutely massive EP, with remixes from DASH Slktr, Joe Zik, Deltatron and MAS Danger ! adding the flavours of moombahton, drum ‘n bass and trap! Best thing is.. you can grab these amazing tunes for free!!

Hearing music from Qechuaboi always makes me enthusiastic because a lot of stuff he does is exactly the kind of combination of energetic electronic sounds with delicious rhythmical patterns that is at the heart of what I love about music.. This week he is back with an experimental cumbia-break-ton track that leans heavily towards the harsher, industrialistic synth-work!

Also deliciously dark and kinda industrialistic, but in a very different way, is this great new tune from Turbo Sonidero Futuristico. Heavy, futuristic sounds in combination with the slow, badass groove of Mexican cumbia is something that I get never tired of! This cumbification of Somadamantina (Original Brillantes)‘s Bublegoom is another excellent example!

Mr Jags did two nice remixes this week, one of Shaun D’s absolute moombahton banger Dat A$$..

And one of Dany F‘s Gobi, which appeared on his new album Travesía MMXIV..!

And Exta Machine is also back with a new ‘Los Machines Presentan’ compilation: an experimental mix of cumbia, moombahton and sonidera sounds. These is a new remix of the informal ‘Nuevo Leon-anthem’ ‘Cumbia de Nuevo Leon‘ from the band Súper Grupo Colombia (immortalised for the next generation by Erick Rincon) and a cumbia-moombahton fusion ‘After Party Los Locos de la Cumbia’, produced in collaboration with Mexica!

More moombia comes from Peco Kumbia Style. This track was released last week already, for the Ensalada Subtropical Vol. 2 compilation from Club Subtropical. Don’t remember if I’ve shared that one on Generation Bass already. If you haven’t got it yet, you can get the compilation there for free!

Vetiver Bong, a known cumbia artist in the earlier days of Generation Bass is back with a new tune, ‘Cumbia Pancha’,  that breathes a delicious psychedelic/noiresque atmosphere!

There is always some music on the borderline of being no longer cumbia, but which is so wonderful that it just needs to be shared.. This week El Buho‘s tribute to the Venezuelan llanero music singer Simón Díaz, who recently passed away. And what would be a better way to commemorate this great musician than with a respectful edit of this wonderfully melancholic song Garcita. El Buho did just that..

The other borderline track that was impossible not to share is a nice, feelgood-champetabass track by the Madrid based nu-cumbia collective Ovni Guarajé, ‘La Bailonguita’!

With the champeta included, it’s time for some more energetic and dancefloor oriented stuff now!

3ball, cumbia and reggaeton producer Dj Cobra just released this track ‘Choco Choco‘ together with the cumbia group Mexican Lokos, released with a music video on the popular Mexican music channel RemexMusic! Some commenters are hating on the fact that Mexican cumbia artists are adopting this more Argentinean-style beat, but I am actually enthusiastic about it because this stuff is so incredibly catchy that I could really see this take off and grow even bigger than it already is! If you’re a Dj this is an absolute must for your Latin-pop and reggaeton sets, school parties, you name it.. grab it here!

I’ve heard many edits of Colombian classics in many different ways but few are so incredibly swagged out BADASS as this remix from El Infamoso Dj Gecko! It combines the slow vibes of mexican cumbia and a hint of urban salsa!

Dj Juice did a remix of the already legendary banger from a couple of years back.. Mari y Juana, a wordplay that needs no further explanation..

The most energetic cumbia tune of this week is, without any doubt, the massive electrostep remix of the 2013 tune ‘Santa Tere‘ from the band Sonido Satanas, by the Guadalajara based bass producer Robots Don’t Have Sisters!!

But the ultimate encore banger could be no other one than ‘Come on las manos Arriba!’, from Caballo and Chong-xwhich epically fuses Major Lazer’s ‘Come On To Me’ and Chupacabras‘s cumbia-balkan tune ‘Manos Arriba‘!

I hope that was enough cumbia-energy to get through a week of hard work.. See you next week !

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