We continue the first day of Zouk Bass week in style with this great free EP by Time Tarracho which goes to the core of Tarraxo riddims with a heavy tropical flava.

Six cuts of the deepest jungle vybz that I’ve ever heard in Zouk Bass.  It really is like being on some sonic journey in the heart of Africa and this EP is the perfect soundtrack to accompany that journey.

This act is a great new addition to the scene and they are doing things in their own individual way, which epitomizes what Zouk Bass is all about!

Grab it for free for a limited time:

Time Tarracho is a project by DJ Kabra and DJ Discarga, coming from Biel/Bienne Switzerland. In 2006 they started to build their own bass-heavy PA, the Tribute Sound System. Infected by the Kuduro virus, in 2009, the system already featuring a lot of kilowatts, they invited DJ NK and DJ Pausas from Lisbon. They also discovered Tarrachinha and specially DJ Terrivel, which inspired them to produce their own rendition of this super sexy slow motion Kuduro version which led to the foundation of Time Tarracho.

DJ Kabra is also into heavyweight roots Dub as Jah Kabra and has released a footwork 7″ EP featuring the tracks “Industry” and “Backyard” on Duck N’ Cover Records, a footwork vinyl label run by DJ Discarga, releasing now 12″ records by famous Chicago producers. A vinyl EP by Traxman will be released on 27th of February by Duck N’ Cover Records. DJ Discarga has released records in the past under the pseudonyms “Iota” and “Freezaburn”.





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