We Call It Zouk Bass Vol. I is the new Zouk Bass compilation that just came out today and the first Zouk Bass compilation from Enchufada. Enchufada have been one of the biggest supporters of Zouk Bass from the start, which isn’t a surprise considering it is Buraka Som Sistema’s own label.

According to Branko (Buraka Som Sistema) on a interview we are going to release later this week, this compilation is Enchufada’s way to show you their favourite producers and show you the different approaches that can be taken in Zouk Bass.

On the compilation, there’s a couple of previously released tracks such as “Pâ Bô” from Mala Noche (which was a free download) and “Panamania” from JSTJR but pretty much most of the compilation is full of exclusive tracks, including the newest one from Buraka Som Sistema, “Sente”. A track that for months had people searching for its identity after that infamous Boiler Room.

There’s a track to cater for most people’s tastes on this compilation.

If you like harder Zouk-Bass then you have Banginclude’s and JSTJR’s tracks.  If you’re more into a Kizomba/Tarraxinha sounding approach then you have the previously mentioned “Pâ Bô” from Mala Noche as a good choice of that style.  If you’re mesmerized by DZC Deejay’s latest tracks then you need to check out “Abstrakt”.

One thing for sure, if you’re into Zouk Bass then this is a must have compilation.  If you’re new to Zouk Bass, then this new compilation is a great companion to the previous 3 free compilations released over the past year in which Generation Bass played a major and lead part in getting out there.

“We call it Zouk Bass” is full of great tracks and even though it focuses on just one single genre, it still showcases diversity with a lot of different approaches.

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